Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Peloton?

Health and Fitness

As time passes, the need for home exercise equipment is rising. What’s even better, the market is now customizing more at-home exercise equipment that gives a gym-like experience.

Innovative brands like Peloton are advancing their technology, and exercise bikes are a top product. There has never been an easier time to work out from home than now.

Peloton Interactive Inc, founded in 2012, makes exercise equipment and also has an exercise app. It provides you with an indoor cycling experience with online streaming classes. I would say that they have capitalized on both the internet connectivity that is widely used and on health and wellness, which is a trend.

Peloton offers excellent features, from the dazzling touchscreen to live stream workout sessions. It is rated as one of the best and one of the most expensive products in the market. The cost is not only for the initial purchase but also Peloton’s membership subscription. It offers competitive studio cycling classes.

The Peloton makes one of the best at-home exercise equipment, but like most people you are probably asking this question; are there cheaper alternatives to Peloton? Here are some other options you can explore.

  • NordicTrack Commercial S15i/S22 Cycle.

The pricing of the NordicTrack is quite close to that of Peloton, but it comes with a good deal. Other than this one comparison, the studio cycle comes with a trainer-led resistance feature and a 360-degree rotating screen, some of the best-selling features of the Peloton Bike.

The S22 weighs more than 200pounds and can accommodate riders weighing as much as 350pounds. It is one of the heaviest bikes available. The bike also has an incline feature, an addition to the Peloton. You can adjust the incline feature up to 20 percent while working out, giving you that extra gist.

  • Echelon Connect EX-5

The Echelon Connect has a tablet mount that rotates to 180 degrees and no screen like the Peloton. It also has an in-built Bluetooth connection for your tablet. It’s not a pretty integrated system with an in-built screen, but the EX-5s has a 22-inch touchscreen. 

Echelon has live streaming and on-demand workouts on the Fitpass and allows you to 

compete with your friends on the leaderboards. If you are looking for an experience like Peloton’s without the cost, this is your option.

However, you cannot connect to third-party apps with Echelon since it only pairs with the Echelon app.

  • MYX/MYX Plus

The MYX is a total fitness system with similarities to the Peloton Bike+ but at a lower cost, making it a budget-friendly option for people who want some but not all peloton experience. 

It offers you a subscription service with essential on-demand streaming workout videos and access to Apple Health. Fitness classes are offered to provide more of a personal rather than a competitive experience. Your preference determines whether you prefer the live stream experience provided by Peloton or pre-recorded videos.

This MYX Plus is much more available in the market, provides tracking for your heart rate, comes pre-assembled, and the delivery partners help you set it up. 

  • Bowflex C6

One of the most attractive aspects of the Peloton has to be its big HD touchscreen display. However, the Bowflex C6 has a mount for your tablet instead. The Bowflex has Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to access third-party cycling apps, including Peloton. This mount allows you to do other things on your tablet like read books or streaming radio, and so on.

One of the notable aspects of Bowflex in terms of cost-effectiveness is that it does not require any membership subscription. 

  • Stryde bike

The Stryde bike is a close match to Peloton with a similarly attractive 21.5-inch screen but a lower price tag and an optional monthly subscription.

The Stryde runs stock Android and does not limit you to custom streaming; instead, it allows you access to not only Stryde’s app but also other sites like browsers, Netflix, and more. As much as this bike has a sturdy look and versatile tablet, the Stryde’s screen does not rotate, making it difficult to use it for off-bike classes.

Conclusively, Peloton is the Bentley when it comes to indoor cycling bikes. It is not only expensive but sturdy and an eye-catching machine that gives you a premium cycling experience. On the other hand, many factors would make you consider choosing a different product; for example, you would prefer to avoid a membership subscription or not spend as much on a bike. If that is you, there are several options to consider.


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