23 Year Old Kiyan S Takes Over the Sneaker World

Sneaker World

Introducing Kiyan S, a lifestyle entrepreneur that is dedicated to creating a culture that goes beyond normal streetwear. Despite being a new company, Kiyan’s collective Fits Like Royalty has made great inroads in the sneaker industry, due to his tenacity and passion for fashion. As becoming evident in our evolving world, the future leaders will be those that challenge not only themselves but push the envelope in their field of interest and expand it to a wider audience. To these individuals, success is defined beyond sales points and clientele, success is determined by the impact that is left on those that they have served, to make them have an experience rather than merely completing a transaction. To help customers not only look better, but to feel and be better. No one more so embodies this than Kiyan, who hails from Pakistan immigrants and is the oldest of first generation Pakistani-American siblings. Kiyan started selling sneakers at the young age of 13 determined to provide for himself.

Today at 22yrs old, Kiyan S has evolved beyond selling sneakers and has made a name for himself in the streetwear industry, surpassing others that were more established when he started, and has even been approached for guidance from veteran sellers, cementing his name as not only a young professional, but a prominent one that plans on pushing the narrative for a long time. From adolescence, if there was anything that captivated Kiyan’s fascination the most, it was all things sneakers. From being knowledgeable in the many versions and releases of iconic sneakers, to having an eye on the up-and-coming fashion trends, Kiyan soon realized that his prowess in the topic can be put to good and he translated this passion into action, dedicated to seeing those around him “dress like royalty”. This brought about the formation of Fit Like Royalty in 2017; and since then, he has never looked back. Initially specializing in sneaker releases, Kiyan recognized the influence his humble beginning could have, and decided to branch Fits Like Royalty beyond footwear, providing high end and exclusive streetwear releases with an availability and affordability that rivals retail vendors. His consistent efforts and networking skills have helped the young trailblazer take over the DMV, networking with sellers throughout the region in the last 10 years. Within 4 years of its inception, Fits Like Royalty has sold over 1,000 pairs of sneakers, and countless articles of clothing. All the while gaining rave reviews, and an extensive clientele list that comprises of celebrities such as like Lil Skies, Nav, Mikala Murphy, and several more professional athletes and artists.

A barometer of success for a company is also attributed to its ethics and the public good it serves. In this area, Fits Like Royalty rival’s philanthropy for its compassion and dedication to helping those in need for the betterment of society. They have donated clothing and sneakers to several orphanages in Pakistan and India, where his business associate Arvind Ravichandran is from. Fits Like Royalty has been able to raise thousands to provide for life saving surgeries to children. When asked about the company’s goals for the future, Kiyan S says they wish to continue to make a difference in people’s lives, most importantly disadvantaged and displaced people in the US, Pakistan, and India. They aim to expand beyond the DMV area as well with ambitions of servicing the rest of the country. Indeed, Kiyan S, with his sneaker business Fits Like Royalty, have become inspirational to the world.

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