Don’t Just Make a Change, Be the Movement- Sakeem Khan


There are a lot of people that you meet or interact with on a regular basis but you don’t know what goes on with their life or why they are in this place that they are in today, what is their life story and so on. Today we bring forward a very innovative and motivating background that is enough to motivate even the youngest of children to become the best version of themselves.

Sakeem Khan is a humble man, full of Entrepreneurship qualities, from Haryana. Like most people expect you to become a doctor if your entire family is practising for years now, this is the general notion that almost all the people follow because the society has bound them into this endless chain of monotonous jobs. A similar situation occurs along with this entrepreneur, but instead he has a very supportive family and strong background from where he derives a lot of values that are indeed important in his field of career too.

“I don’t think it ever occurred to me that it would be difficult to have a abrupt change or shift in the course of careers, it is because I was too deeply invested in entrepreneurship and establishing something on my own. this is what happens when you are very invested in your own particular aims and goals. My advice is, always work hard on yourself, focus on what you want to do come up and value whatever else is happening around you, moral values never change and it is applicable in every job that you do. I started out small but I worked my way up, studying and striving to become somebody better everyday.” Says Sakeem Khan.

Sakeem Khan’s background is worth admiring before venturing deep into his Entrepreneurship world. His grandfather is the best politician he has ever known, being a Sarpanch for almost 3 decades besides ruling and leading several other departments in the Haryana Government. His father has also been an MLA for quite some time, Rahisa Khan, in from 2014-2019. He also held the position of a chairman in the Waqf Board of Haryana, besides being the minister from 2017-2019. With this interesting background to talk about, normally everyone would expect Mr. Khan to be of political nature too.

Life had completely different plans for him come up he slowly turned out to be one of the best entrepreneurs in Haryana and bought his own petrol pump company, beginning his stone crusher company also. As if being the manager of the cooperative bank was not enough for him! He seems to do a lot of social work to make sure that apart from himself, he is also working on the development of other people around him.

Sakeem Khan is down to earth, never being too proud. Although he should be very proud of his achievements, he never gets this fact get in the way of doing something good for the society.

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