Ali Haseeb on Prioritizing Happiness- The Ultimate Return on Investment


What is your measure of success and fulfillment in life? Or rather, what do you consider as your ultimate return on investment? These are the questions that carry different responses; what brings YOU happiness may not be the same for another person. According to Ali Haseeb, happiness is his ultimate return on investment.

Ali is the Founder and CEO of Principles Creative Studio, one of the USA’s leading branding firms. They prioritize sophisticated virtual designs by focusing on curation and creation of the most visually appealing designs. In 15 months from their start-up, the firm has serviced over 120 clients and has been featured in several publications and podcasts. Although their primary focus is on graphic design, they also do advertising, social media content, e-commerce, development of sites and apps, among others.

Ali measures his success by fulfillment, not money. He is passionate about what he does and aims at producing unique, high-quality services for his clients. One of the things that make him feel fulfilled is seeing his clients love his work and also the fact that he is helping their businesses grow. Principles Creative Studio’s goal is not only the highest quality work but customer satisfaction, and true to that, we can say his clients are happy; in fact, 80% of his clients are from referrals.

Building his community is something he loves to do and it also keeps him motivated along with his team. According to Ali, surrounding yourself with a team that shares the same goals and mindset gives the company its firm wings to grow because you all work together to scale up the business. Ali is slowly making his dream a reality through his firm, which takes him a step closer to his ultimate return on investment.

Most people think having money makes you happy, you may have the best of everything, but those are material and can be taken away from you. Temporary and replaceable. It is about the fulfillment and the happiness you gain from that fulfillment. Is it hard? absolutely. Ali risked his last dollars and invested in his dream of having his own business. Being an independent entrepreneur is hard, but it gave him the chance to be creative and unleash his full potential while still making realistic decisions and consistently scaling. After years of struggling, failed ventures, difficult business partners… His work ethic has given him the start of what he calls real wealth. But the real goal of leveraging that wealth. The real goal of using the wealth to help others, using the wealth to take care of the mind and body… the real goal is that pursuit of being at peace and happiness as much as possible.

In this life, don’t live to material things. Don’t live to please others. Live to one day achieve that inner peace and be the happiest version of yourself.

Consider Ali’s take on finding happiness and letting success follow. In your business, find what brings you joy, create positive habits for yourself and the people around you and that will be your ultimate return on investment.