Matthias Nezzar: A Story of Relentless Passion and Unmeasurable Success

Matthias Nezzar
Matthias Nezzar

Matthias Nezzar is an internationally recognized business coach and sales specialist. He has made significant contributions in the fields of selling and marketing by introducing techniques that have potentially revolutionized industries. Matthias Nezzar is one of the founders and creators of the Hybrid Coaching Model that has successfully given increased market reach, international business growth and revenue to numerous teachers and coaches who were originally working locally.

The story of Matthias began in the Parisian suburbs where he grew up to be a curious and hard-working individual. Matthias worked at a lot of odd jobs and always carried the spirit of trying new things and ideas. At one point in time, he worked at a local sports club and succeeded in making more sales than the other trained salespersons. Matthias had this incredible energy to turn doubtful and indecisive people into brand loyal customers. During Matthias’ duration of working, the sports club saw extremely high customer retention. This made him realize that he had a thing for selling. He rejected the promotion that he was offered and decided to walk down an entrepreneurial path. Nezzar says, “Things happen to you when you’re in alignment with the values of curiosity, ethics and hard-work. If you’re just sitting around waiting for ideas and things to come to you, you’re in the wrong place. I came to recognize my talents only when I went out of the comfort zone.”

Matthias Nezzar then met David Michigan through a Facebook advertisement. David Michigan is a conversion sales specialist and a successful businessman. They partnered and introduced the Hybrid Coaching Model to the world. Under this brilliant model, coaches and teachers can connect to students and learners from around the world. It provides a networking opportunity and has the potential to give vast business growth and revenue. Sports coaches and teachers can teach locally as well in the international market that the Model brings to them. Also, Matthias and Michigan coach the users of the Hybrid Coaching Model by providing them with especially curated techniques and tools for generating leads and marketing and selling products and services.

Since then, under Nezzar’s and Michigan’s very valued guidance, thousands of coaches and teachers around the world have found a sustainable model of revenue and professional growth.

Currently, Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan are looking forward to opening up a school with a hybrid form of learning and teaching. Their Hybrid Partner and Hybrid Coaching Model businesses have generated millions during the year 2020.

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