Rachit Madan, A Name You Must Remember For Good Expertise In Affiliate Marketing

Rachit Madan
Rachit Madan

Affiliate marketing is prospering at a greater pace in today’s time. It has changed the way people conduct their business, whether it is big firms or small ones. However, affiliate marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. The people who handle this area are skilled experts and professionals who know everything about the marketing world. Rachit Madan is one of those scholars who has created a reputation for himself in the affiliate market.

Rachit Madan didn’t venture into affiliate marketing directly. He was in a completely different field until 2009 and later in 2014 when his life completely changed. In the year 2009, Rachit was waiting for his joining at Infosys company. But he also did some freelance work to keep himself occupied and earn money. Even after getting the offer and full-time employment at Infosys, Rachit didn’t stop his freelance work.

As a freelancer, Rachit Madan used to work for clients through an online forum. He got to know about affiliate marketing in the same space, and it immediately grabbed his attention. When Rachit started freelancing in the affiliate marketing space, he earned more money than his full-time used to pay. Hence, in 2014, he decided to quit his job and focus only on affiliate marketing.

Before making it as his full-time professional, Rachit Madan got associated with several professionals who helped him understand how profitable and interesting the field is. Their guidance helped Rachit hone his skills, and today, he is one of the best affiliate marketing experts in the country.

Later, Rachit Madan started his own e-commerce and has been helping others to prosper in their work. He is happy, earns well and has a thriving professional life. He is a growth marketer helping clients increase sales and generate leads for the big giants in the United States. All of this became possible because of his open-minded nature to learn and zeal to keep doing better in life.

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