Making it huge across the IT and music field with its one of a kind music app is Danny Duenas’ “My Mixtapez.”

Danny Duenas
Making it huge across the IT and music field with its one of a kind music app is Danny Duenas’ “My Mixtapez.”

Venturing into an untapped market and taking it forward to reach newer heights of success with hip hop music is what My Mixtapez has excelled at.

 With the advent of so many new industries and fields across business niches all around the world, all of us must have noticed how these industries jumped to exponential success in no time. The constant developments on one hand, and the consistent efforts of entrepreneurs, especially youngsters on the other end, made all of this possible. The Google Play Store or the Apple Store is saturated with innumerable applications catering to different niches, which also includes many music apps. However, can we just confess that never before did we hear about a music app that cater specifically to hip hop music and culture. My Mixtapez is all about this and much more, which has come as a breath of fresh air in the IT and music industry as a music application that aims to take the hip hop culture to newer levels in the upcoming years.

Everything began for My Mixtapez in the year 2011 when it was launched by three passionate and talented brothers namely Ricky, Juan and Danny Duenas, under their parent company named Vuziq. All of them have not just been ardent fans of hip hop music but have also consistently worked their way to the top to translate their dream of growing the hip hop vibe and culture into reality through My Mixtapez. With a hoard of streaming services for different genres of music, music lovers already had their platter filled with great music numbers. Still, they lacked a dedicated streaming site for hip hop music. My Mixtapez has been launched to cater to all those people who absolutely love hip hop music.

My Mixtapez offers people an extensive list of hip hop releases and mixtapes, some unreleased, some non-major albums and Eps and proves the listeners the talents of these hip hop artists, who’s work needs more attention and accolades. This helps people to know about those lesser-known artists. The app is free of charge and people can stream and download as many times as they wish.

Now, all the three brothers wish to explore many other music genres as well just like they explored hip hop and made people worldwide aware of how talented people are in the genre. To learn more, follow them on Instagram @mymixtapez and website,

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