Jeff Taylor Yauck: How he built multiple successful businesses in a short span


Jeff Taylor Yauck’s passion has led him to create and nurture many businesses to grow, and it is evident by the success of his multiple ventures which have sustained beautifully and become profitable in no time. Jeff says that when one has ideas for distinct businesses which might have potential, it would not be a wise idea to let any one of them go just for the fear of failure or the doubt of managing it. Juggling between multiple businesses and maintaining a balance is an art that only a few successful entrepreneurs have mastered to the core and Jeff is one of them. He has been managing more than one company at a time and each one has been a success due to his deep knowledge and skills that are perfect to run multiple businesses efficiently.

Jeff manages companies that have interests in CBD products, beauty products, pet products, and health products. He has established these companies phase-wise and has been successfully running them all in an efficient manner. In 2017, he established ‘PureKana’ which has become one of the leading CBD brands supplying products that are top-notch. It has a wide range of products which are of the best quality, and its growing number of customers is enough proof of its genuinity. Another brand co-owned by Jeff is PremiumJane which is also a premium CBD product manufacturing company having products of different flavors and potencies which has made the brand one of the most popular ones in the US. The company also manufactures beauty products and has a separate arm which manufactures pet products by the name ‘Jane’s Pets’. ‘Oats Overnight’ is another venture of Jeff which is into health food products.

Managing different businesses without any major setbacks or hurdles might sound a bit unreal, but Jeff has proved that it can be done if a proper set of rules are followed and each business is given proper weightage. His success as a multipreneur is definitely motivating for many budding and aspiring entrepreneurs out there who are hesitant in creating multiple businesses with the fear of failure.

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