Michael Tolmach’s Purpyle Introduces Affordable Collection Of Polarized Eyewear

Michael Tolmach
Michael Tolmach

Making an enormous splash in the sunglass industry is the brand Purpyle, a line of affordable sunglasses under the price of $50. The glasses are incredibly stylish, polarized and come in every style out there. Michael Tolmach, the creator of Purpyle, is a veteran of the vape industry who founded Eonsmoke with his business partner Gregory Grishayev, a former brand known for its Juul compatible pods. “He who fails constantly, succeeds greatly”, said Mr Tolmach speaking fondly of his various endeavours and his latest success, quoting his favorite words of wisdom that help him keep moving forward. Currently, Blenders is the biggest competitor to Purpyle, where Purpyle seeks to become a brand that explodes all over social media and etches itself into a trendy household name.

Born in Ukraine, an immigrant and refugee of the fall of the Soviet Union, Mr Tolmach lived in Israel during the tumultuous times of the Gulf War for several years; after which his family moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1993 where he spent nearly two decades of his life. While a tremendous success with his vaping company, he recalls the immense number of financial failures he had to endure while trying to set up a successful company. He recalls the handbag company that lost him over $150,000 in 2014 when he and his partner made the ill-advised decision of overpricing product out of the market and never lowering the price to find customers. But it never dissuaded him from trying and trying again until he found success and has now done over $150 million worth of revenue in the last 10 years, a feat made even more impressive when one realizes that getting to this point was a journey during which he and his partner lost millions of dollars. Mr. Tolmach rejects the ideology of overnight success and only self-evident genius ideas that need to be pursued. He emphasizes the need for trying your hand at whatever idea feels good to someone using himself as an example where he notes that he tries a great number of ideas even to this day and fails in most of them and it’s just the successes that people see and not the failures. It’s the illusion of the tip of the iceberg and being oblivious to what’s beneath the surface.

Mr Tolmach has earmarked the vaping fortune to ten different charities to boost his philanthropic efforts after he is deceased. Currently, he wishes to expand his avenue to non-regulated industries as well as funding Parkinson’s research, a disease that took his father.





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