Selling Social Media Services: Leo Olsen Guillot’s 3 Surefire Tips to Success

Leo Olsen Guillot

Leo Olsen Guillot started his social media marketing agency in 2017 with the help of retainers, building sales funnels, and managing ad feeds. Nine months into the company, Leo made his first million dollars. He was 19 at that time. He is such an experienced guy in social media marketing that he now offers consultation services to companies who want to use social media to promote their brands. His innovative marketing strategies are already helping entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

Leo believes that any startup can achieve immense success if the entrepreneur knows how to sell social media services. He tried and tested various techniques before finally shortlisting three strategies that work almost for any brand.

Achieve organizational goals with good planning

Leo says, “Good planning is the foundation of a good business. When I started Real Fitness in 2016, it was a spur of the moment. Although the business idea was good at the time, I didn’t plan everything in detail. I was overconfident that my business plan was too good to fail. And time proved me wrong. Real Fitness was a flop. That failure taught me that business isn’t like going to a movie suddenly. You need to plan properly to facilitate coordination, achieve your financial goals, and minimize uncertainties.”

When Leo started, he planned everything well in advance. The result? His company made seven-figure revenues consistently. Leo recommends that whether it’s operating cost or investment strategies, you must sit down and make implementable plans to achieve your organizational goals.

Identify your target market

Social media is a vast platform. From domestic to international success, this platform can help you achieve anything, provided you work with your niche group. Leo’s first rule for selling social media services is identifying your target audience. Once you identify your target market, you can connect with potential leads and work on them to increase their brand awareness.

Start by analyzing your product or service. Who do you think would benefit the most from your products? Starteo offered web and software development services. Therefore, Leo was on the hunt for people looking for these services on social media. He used paid ads and various social media marketing tricks to reach out to his target audience. You should also do the same to improve your brand awareness among your target market.

Importance of high-ticket sales

Another trick that can help sell social media services is high ticket sales. When Leo started selling social media services, he never paid attention to low tickets. He would always aim for higher tickets, tickets that would contribute nearly $50,000 or even $100,000 to his revenue. Leo is confident that if you want to strengthen your brand reputation, there’s no substitute to selling top tickets. It was Leo’s observation that high ticket customers hardly complain about your products and don’t make a fuss with their price.

Are you willing to make thousands by selling social media services? If you are, you should keep these three tactics from Leo in mind to make significant profits every month.

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