Rishabh Shanbhag Explains Why Google Passages Are Crucial For Internet Marketers

Rishabh Shanbhag
Rishabh Shanbhag

Rishabh Shanbhag found himself in the limelight after jailbreaking Apple’s operating system at the age of 13. He has shot to fame by being involved in various technological endeavours and social initiatives since then.

Today, Rishabh is a tech influencer. With more than 70,000 Twitter followers, he helps people get an overview of the changing technologies and how they impact everyday life. But how did he gain so much knowledge at such a young age? He says it’s his interest in technology at an early age that helped him achieve so much today.

Rishabh’s coding background

Rishabh was an enthusiastic learner from a young age. Initially, he didn’t get any formal training in computer programming. He started learning about programming languages from the internet because of his hunger to learn about technology. From running simple codes to developing iOS packages, Rishabh has seen it all.

Rishabh completed his bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Technology. He was also a part of various IT projects, which changed the way people usually interact and share information on the internet.

Importance of Google Passages

As a tech influencer, Rishabh often has to explain various behind-the-scenes activities regarding how SEO works. Apart from keyword research and backlinks, Rishabh believes that Google Passages can work wonders for any website. He already has years of experience with computer languages, algorithms, and programming. According to Rishabh, Google Passages is one of the best algorithms in the world of SEO to make your website attain higher search rankings.

This algorithm uses passage indexing to index website content according to different paragraphs. Rishabh believes Google Passages have enough potential to take SEO to a different level altogether.

Once Google uses your website’s content to highlight a query, your site immediately pulls organic traffic as more people would want to use Google-recommended sites. Therefore, Rishabh feels that digital marketers should pay more attention to website content and Google Passages in the future.

Apart from website content, Rishabh believes this trend will also be prominent on YouTube. YouTube’s “existing timestamp technology” is already becoming popular due to its impressive results. Rishabh suggests digital marketers add relevant timestamps and rich keywords to make the most of the existing timestamp technology.

Rishabh is confident that Google observes timestamps on videos and indexes them accordingly. The ones that come with appropriate timestamps manage to reach a higher ranking on YouTube and Google’s organic search listings. That means you can take a step ahead of your competitors by adding rich keywords and accurate timestamps to your videos.

It is surprising how Rishabh knows so much about the emerging technologies in digital marketing. But the 24-year-old remains hungry because he knows that technology will never stop evolving. It’s no wonder, his enthusiasm for coding and staying updated on various tech news made him who he is now.

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