Tips By Aaron Branch For Content Marketers

Aaron Branch
Aaron Branch

With the right content strategy, marketers can experience incredible growth in their business.

This article will look into some of the best content marketing strategies as shared by International Speaker and CEO Social Agendas Aaron Branch. Branch, who is also the author of The First 365, says these tips can drive your business to viral growth when followed. You will get to discover effective tactics for analyzing your target audience, as well as competitors. This way, you will develop a progressive content marketing strategy to reach your audience and outdo your businesses.

Strategizing Your Content

Play On Your Strengths

Aaron Branch advises that if you’re just starting with your business’ content strategy, it’s crucial to concentrate on just two to three tactics at the onset. After you master those, you can add more as you progress. “Play to your strength,” says Aaron Branch. If you shine in writing, start with blog posts. Choose a few channels to promote your blog posts and concentrate your efforts on that until you achieve significant results.

You can also opt to do email marketing, guest blogging, sales copies, or any other content marketing strategies involving writing. Whatever you choose, stick to it until you master it. When your systems for creating, publishing, and promoting content consistently are in place, you can take on the next challenge.

Choose a Channel

When considering which channel is best for your business, you must consider one where your target audience spends most of their time across online platforms. For instance:

If your target audience likes reading, you look into creating ebooks.

If they enjoy reading posts on social media platforms, focus your Twitter, Facebook, Quora, or Reddit efforts.

If they like pictures, post on Pinterest and Instagram, and for videos, look into YouTube and TikTok. Create informative videos, exciting photographs, and brief but engaging posts which align with your business goals.

Create High-Quality Content

You can apply the following tips to optimize your reach:

Use the Skyscraper Framework – This pertains to creating content that adds to an existing topic or idea popular among your target audience.

Fill any Content Gaps – Create content that has been ignored or overlooked by your competitors.

Utilize Eye-catching Visuals Create and share engaging and high-quality images and other visuals to complement your content. This optimizes your content to rank and appeal more to your audience.

Consider longer, but In-depth Content – Research has proved that longer blog posts have a higher chance at ranking and outperforming shorter ones.

Make Sharing Easy – include sharing icons or buttons at the top of your posts. This increases the odds of your audience sharing your content for a more extensive reach.

Compose Click-worthy Headlines – Create eye-catching headlines and titles, then test them to discover the best-performing titles for your posts.


Aaron Branch, who also co-founded DelivrMe, emphasizes the importance of setting clear content marketing goals and making them measurable to track your success. This saves you time and energy. Remember that the content you create must be targeted at your audience and cover all the various stages of the customer’s experience.

Finally, spend more time and energy advertising and promoting than you would at creating content. You can invest in practical content marketing tools or reach out to Social Agendas, an ad agency founded by Aaron Branch to manage the process efficiently, thanks to years of expertise and experience.

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