Dr Sam Jethwa: One of the UK’s Top Dentists

Dr Sam Jethwa: One of the UK's Top Dentists
Dr Sam Jethwa: One of the UK's Top Dentists

Latest dental market studies report a ‘robust recovery’ for dentistry. Around 70% of practice owners believe the business of dentistry will have fully recovered by the end of 2021. Despite this, dental hygienist revenue is less than 40% of what it was, pre-pandemic so there are still areas for growth.

Cosmetic dentistry plays a smaller but critical part in this recovery, with private dental treatments being chosen by patients instead of a luxury holiday or other luxury items that have not been tempting during lockdowns.

Speaking of luxury dentistry…meet Dr Sam Jethwa:

Dr Sam Jethwa is a cosmetic dentist committed to delivering the highest quality smile makeovers by using advanced dental technology perfectly balanced with traditional artistry and design. He and his master ceramist offer some of the most beautiful porcelain veneers in the world at his clinic, Bespoke Smile.

Dental Services offered at Bespoke Smile:

From checkups, dental hygiene, dental implants, crowns, veneers, specialist treatments, and more – the clinic has the right dentist for each treatment. With that, Dr Sam’s team can provide emergency dental services along with general procedures that include dental implants, composite bonding, root canals, and specialist periodontal treatment.

One of Dr Sam Jethwa’s secrets to success lies in creating long-life relations with his clients. It is this personable reputation that often surprises those who meet him, given the credentials and accolades. He has dedicated his career to his patients and UK cosmetic dentistry to help them get the highest quality dental care in the UK. Dr Sam Jethwa is the kind of health professional that lives up to his reputation.

Dentistry is not just about having good-looking teeth. It is a part of medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis, interception, and treatment of diseases, sicknesses, and conditions of the oral cavity. This, in simple terms, means that a dentist must take care of the health of the mouth, along with its function, and balance this with the aesthetics. Dr Sam Jethwa has a keen interest in how his patients chew and bite and how this affects their overall smile design, it is one of the topics covered at “Complete Cosmetics” which is a 6 days cosmetic dentistry course for dentists across the globe.

If you want to have a healthy smile for years to come, you should consider Dr Sam Jethwa and his talented hand-picked team. The extensive skills and knowledge will help to provide a result that may not be otherwise achieved.

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