Markuss Hussle, Innovative & High-Influencer CEO’s Take On Digital Marketing During A Pandemic

Markuss Hussle, Innovative & High-Influencer CEO’s Take On Digital Marketing During A Pandemic

‘Global Digital Transformation is being catalyzed with the pandemic’, says Markuss Hussle


Brands across the globe are slowly coming to terms with the volatile business environment that they have found themselves in, with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your company has temporarily frozen operations or has decided to implement an innovation-driven remote working system, how you approach your digital marketing strategy should be a primary focus in these worrying times ahead – if it is not already. It would be foolish not to hire a digital marketing agency/expert.


Markuss Hussle shares, ‘The responsibility and initiative to build an efficient and smart Digital Marketing Agency is something I have had in mind for a long-time. With Automarketers Club, I have been able to provide services that every digital marketing agency would require to be able to deploy complete and successful projects to the clients.’


Know Markuss Hussle – Role Model Of Hustling Skills

Markuss Hussle, a Latvian born young lad moved to the UK at the tender age of 10. He grew up being a hustler to take care of the household expenses along with his mom. His story of rags to riches came true at the age of 22 when he helped his mom retire in the UK. Today, he is a Serial Entrepreneur who runs the support business ‘Automarketers Club’ along with 4 other businesses simultaneously. Markuss has been able to make ‘Automarketers Club’ a 6 figure digital marketing agency in 18 solid months, making him a role model to the millennials who want to be a millionaire.


Agility In Digital Marketing During The Pandemic

What is Positive Takeaway for Business Owners? During the time of crisis and pandemic, digital media did not die and has proved to be a prominent mode to reach consumers. However, it really must be kept in mind that the current global situation is extremely volatile and sensitive – so there are a few guidelines and good-to-know pointers to be kept in mind in order to thrive in the digital space in the current scenario. For example, Markuss had to quit his first marketing agency 808Media unfortunately as his clients simply couldn’t stay open making his marketing service redundant. In business, it’s all about how quickly you can adapt. So, he switched industries and started helping law firms which seemed like a new zing and motivation to work for. You see all of these huge corporate companies going out of business simply because they cannot adapt to the up and downtimes and be agile. Being adaptable and flexible in business plans is what helped Markuss early in his career and has helped him get into more ventures now. The pandemic gave him a new perspective on his business as he is a visionary and has always been ready for economic disruptions and external factors that can put down businesses.


Markuss shares a message to the business owners, ‘Reaching out to your customer base via digital platforms is the way to go. This starts by informing your audience in a clear and systematic way of how the pandemic will impact the way they buy/avail of your products/services. Offering a sense of clarity to them before they approach you in a state of panic will go a long way in retaining them in the long run.’


To learn and adapt new strategies from Markuss Hussle and his ventures, check his Website.


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