How Real Estate Investor Tessabella Jelten Created Her Brand To Earn More Than $23 Million Through Digital Marketing


Tessabella Jelten is widely acclaimed as a marketing strategist, real estate coach, and digital marketing educator. At the age of 14, Tessabella started to understand the value of money when she got her first job. As a student at Arizona State University, she stayed busy and sleepless with an assortment of jobs, and watched reruns of HGTV’s Flip and Flop in what little downtime she had. This is when her dream of real estate investing began.

She started pitching to anyone who would listen with nothing but passion and a laptop. With negative 36 cents to her name, she learned the ins and outs of real estate, and flipped her first property in Central Phoenix. At the age of 19, Tessabella had achieved a remarkable milestone when she managed to flip 25 houses.

Along the way, Tessabella discovered what may be one of her strongest skills: branding and marketing. As she documented her journey on social media, she quickly built a name for herself remodeling and restoring historic houses in the valley.

Tessabella has created a unique approach to building, scaling, and branding real estate companies. Her brand grew into a residential real estate team, which led to inspiring and coaching others to do the same. Leading with compassion in all she does, Tessabella was growing her tribe of people who were loyally invested in her transformation as a young entrepreneur. She believes you have to practice what you preach. If you are going to “talk the talk”, you have to “walk the walk”.

As a young female business owner, she noticed the raised eyebrows when she sat at the closing table or stood leading a conference with an arm covered in tattoos. But overcoming what flowed from within, has always been her biggest obstacle. Limiting beliefs and “imposter syndrome” are demons she battles daily. But Tessabella takes the path of self improvement so she can continually slay her demons. She takes encouragement from Eleanor Roosevelt who says strength is gained by staring fear in the face. “There is no better way to overcome [fear] than to simply face it everyday!” Tessabella says.

Her real estate team has seen its own share of milestones as they formed an exciting partnership with the Phoenix Suns. Through hard work and relentless passion, she has opened doors to work with some of the largest names in the industry and commercially recognized brands. Tessabella has had the pleasure of working with TV celebrities and influencers from hit shows on HGTV, Bravo, Netflix, and much more.

Through years of trial and error, (with a lot more flops than flips) she’s built entire marketing suites and lead generation funnels, all because she cracked the code, sending her on a massive growth trajectory. Now, her passion for real estate has also turned into a passion for helping others in the industry. She’s a Nationally Recognized Real Estate Coach, featured at national speaking engagements such as Inman, Hyperfast Agent, LabCoat Agents. Tessabella helps real estate professionals around the world with her signature success 4S Formula.

As a woman immersed in two distinct, competitive industries of real estate and digital marketing, Tessabella’s strength lies in her authenticity. She invests genuine time and effort into each individual behind the deal itself. This fuels both her passion and her success. You can follow Tessabella on Instagram @tessaabellaa.

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