Why Digital Marketing is Like Dating – Dating Sucks, But Marketing Doesn’t Have To

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There is a strong connection between digital marketing and dating. Marketing, in general, is akin to dating in that it takes multiple interactions to build trust and understanding. Just like when courting someone, it is not expected that a product will be sold instantly.

Rather, digital marketing requires multiple ads or posts to convince a potential buyer to make a purchase. This connection is fascinating and demonstrates the power of the marketing process.

A few strategies of dating used in successful digital marketing are:

Main Focus
It is essential to understand the importance of focusing on the customer when it comes to digital marketing. Just as one would want their date to be attentive and focused on them, customers expect the same level of attention when engaging with a brand. Therefore, all digital marketing campaigns need to focus on the customer’s needs and desires, taking into account their pain points and wishes in order to create an effective and successful campaign. Doing so will ensure that the customer feels valued and appreciated, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Knowing One’s type
It is clear that when it comes to dating and digital marketing, understanding the individual’s personality type is of utmost importance. This is because it is essential to ensure that the individual’s vibes are compatible and that the potential customer is being targeted correctly. For instance, if one is selling shoes, it would be unwise to focus on customers scrolling down a clothing website page. Consequently, it is evident that having an understanding of the individual’s personality type is a key factor in both dating and digital marketing.

Be genuine
Online dating and digital marketing share a commonality in that both require a sense of trust and genuineness in order to be successful. In the case of online dating, it is essential for developing a long-lasting relationship that one is open and honest about their age or appearance. Similarly, when it comes to digital marketing, one must be genuine about their products, as false information and false promises will not help to build trust. If customers feel duped, they will not return, regardless of whether or not the product met their expectations. Thus, it is clear that in both online dating and digital marketing, being honest and genuine is essential for developing strong relationships.

Go Slow and Stepwise
When it comes to dating and digital marketing, it is important to take it slowly and in steps. When first getting to know someone, it takes time for feelings to develop, and the same can be said for customers.

On the first date, one does not propose marriage, and the same can be said for digital marketing. It is beneficial to approach customers in stages, starting with something useful, such as an informational video. If they respond positively, then one can offer them something else, such as a link to the website. If they respond again, then one can offer their product. Taking it slowly and in steps is the best way to ensure success in digital marketing.

Stay determined
Finding the right match and working out a relationship is no easy feat, and it requires dedication and persistence. The same can be said for digital marketing; success is not achieved overnight, and it takes a great deal of determination and hard work to see positive results. It is clear that persistence is the key to success in digital marketing.

So, try approaching digital marketing like dating if one wants a lasting relationship.

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