Kieran O’Brien Shares 4 common mistakes that Digital Marketers need to avoid in 2021

Kieran O’Brien Shares 4 common mistakes that Digital Marketers need to avoid in 2021

The most successful products have often been the result of strategic thinking to offer a solution that has not been previously available. Kieran O’Brien was approached by a friend to provide a media kit for his friend, a prominent automobile influencer. Upon discovering there was no ready-made solution of API (application program interface) data and Google Analytics, Kieran developed this software himself. Fast forward to the launch of Media Kits in 2020. Media Kits creates templates for online companies and personalities to attract not only viewers but also sponsors and advertisers.

By diving into analytics and real-time data, Kieran has demonstrated expertise in the underlying internet usage a person needs to drive the right people to their accounts. When it comes to digital marketing, it’s not about luck; it’s about using invaluable data. Kieran knows what entrepreneurs should do to drive traffic; he has some excellent advice on the mistakes a person should avoid when building their online presence.

Targeting Everyone

While it might seem logical to get your name out to as many people as possible, it gets you nowhere. You must focus on reaching your target audience. Your product, brand, or service is not for everyone, so do not put effort into reaching those to whom it is irrelevant. You want a media kit that zeroes in on the potential customers it is meant for.

Lack of Clarity

You cannot simply jump headfirst into a digital marketing campaign; you need clearly defined goals. You must understand who you want to target and what kind of results you want. The objective is to set goals that will make sure you reach your target customer base. Targeted goals such as sales, online forms, calls, and email signups also help you track your success.


So many people are focused on attracting customers. They neglect the critical step of keeping customers. If you want long-term support, you must be ready to form a long-term relationship with people. A goal needs to be to keep customers for life. This is a way of building up invaluable customer service skills and showing people they are valued. This is especially important in an e-commerce setting when there is no face-to-face interaction.

Return on Investment

If you do not measure your return on investment (ROI) for social media marketing, you are literally throwing away money. Gauging your ROI is not just a measure of success. It lets you know if your digital marketing efforts are working. If they are not, this is an opportunity to fix what isn’t performing the way you want it to. Look at your traffic, leads, and conversions every day to find out if you are losing or making money on your marketing investment.

By using these techniques, you will be able to harness the true potential of online marketing. Knowing what not to do offers valuable lessons that will set you up for success rather than failure. If you do fail, you are not the first person to do so. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes in order to optimize your strategy.

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