Aid needed to help families in Ukraine stay warm this winter

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With Russia attacking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, a humanitarian organization is calling for urgent aid to help Ukrainians stay warm this winter.

We need all the help we can get to save lives by keeping the power on as cold temperatures are setting in.”

— Anya Verkhovskaya

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES – As Americans are getting ready to enjoy the holidays with their families, a humanitarian organization is calling on them to spare a thought for Ukrainian families struggling to survive. In recent weeks, Russia has targeted the country’s essential infrastructure, using Iranian drones to target electricity grids and fuel depots around Ukraine.

“Millions of Ukrainians are now without electricity and heat in freezing temperatures,” said Anya Verkhovskaya, who heads Friends of Be an Angel, which is part of a network of non-profits and volunteers delivering aid. “We need all the help we can get to save lives by keeping the power on as cold temperatures are setting in,” she added.

The Milwaukee-based organization is the US partner of Be an Angel, a Germany-based organization founded in 2015 to help refugees. Since early March, they have succeeded in evacuating more than 18,000 war refugees and to provide $43.5 million in humanitarian aid in Ukraine on a daily basis, including ambulances, medicines, medical equipment, food, baby formula, clothing, water purification systems, hygiene products, and more. Everything is financed by donations.

Now, the focus is to bring generators to keep the lights on. Pooling donations, they have ordered more than 1,200 generators for Ukraine.

“These generators are essential to keep equipment-dependent patients alive in hospitals; elderly, children, sick, and others warm during the long and cold Ukrainian winters,” says Verkhovskaya. “We are collecting donations to help us with procurement, delivery and distribution of those generators.”

In addition, the strategic destruction of Ukraine‘s water supply has left communities without clean water. The partner organizations have deployed water purification systems and devices that can purify over a billion liters of water.

Aid is distributed mainly through a Ukrainian partner organization, “Women’s Movement for the Future.” Women volunteers pass the aid from car to car, from hand to hand, until it reaches its destination, even in cities close to the frontlines. “Ukrainian women are strong and are doing brave and selfless work bringing aid to where it’s most needed, regardless of the dangers,” says Verkhovskaya.

Unfortunately, after an initial outpouring of support from donors around the world, the donations and aid has been drying up lately as the war drags on, just as the needs are growing.

“During the holidays, please give a thought on what you can do to help a family in Ukraine,” says Verkhovskaya. “Any help can make a difference in saving someone’s life. Give a gift of life during this holiday season.”

To donate, go to; or Zelle/Venmo 1 414–628–3826,

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