Entrepreneur And Writer Tanjina Khan

Entrepreneur And Writer Tanjina Khan
Entrepreneur And Writer Tanjina Khan

Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou is a certified mental health professional, author, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of MentCouch International, one of the most popular psychology centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Recently, she published her first book “SECRETS FROM THE LAIR”.


Tanjina Khan has been featured in various prestigious platforms shedding light onto the topic of mental health & wellness including “The New Indian Express Newspaper” in 2020. She has recently been featured in the February 2021 issue of “FORBES India” where she talked about the financial independence of women and its relation to their wellbeing.


As a young entrepreneur who has only been in business for 1 year, the success of the company has been astounding. She has recently launched a second venture “The MentCouch Magazine” which is a free-of-cost Mental Health & Wellbeing E-Magazine available to global readers.


Journey As An Entrepreneur And Mental Health Professional


“I started my journey back in March 2020 with my psychology center, MentCouch International Psychology Centre. My team and I have come a long way since then. MentCouch was born with a simple idea in mind of giving back to the community by opening a place that welcomes everyone, not just people with disorders. We place great importance on being high on empathy and friendliness so as to make the therapeutic journey as comforting as possible. MentCouch was rather a sudden decision because I came to a realization that the 9-5 working environment was not for me and I had to CREATE something of my own that is in line with my ideas and dreams”, says TanjinaKhan.


MentCouch started back in March 2020, when Covid cases were on the rise and the whole world was under a lockdown. That itself was the biggest hurdle we faced and we have never had a day without challenges because of the whole pandemic hiatus and the economic situation in the world. Despite all of these, we were able to stand tall and rise above as one of the leading centres in the city.


About Company MentCouch


Her company, MentCouch International Psychology Centre stands tall with the vision and mission of spreading awareness and advocating mental health in the community not only in Malaysia but globally. MentCouch also places high importance on employee mental health and has introduced a “Mental Health Leave” policy within the company. The company is unique and one of its kind because it places focus not only on Mental Health-related disorders but also on wellbeing aspects like mindfulness, yoga, meditation, behavioral training, life satisfaction, various screenings, expressive arts, etc. MentCouch’s services are not only meant for people with concerns, it is for everyone who wants to improve certain aspects of life!




Tanjina Khan says, “I see us reaching further to the global community and I see us innovating and adapting to the changes in the field of psychology, as “being fluid” is one of our prime visions too. The human mind has always fascinated me and as a mental health professional, I live to guide people towards a better life. So my goal is to progress further within my field of work, earn more experience, move up the ladder of quality within it. These are the times when accessibility is just as important as awareness. As mentioned, my main goal is to give back to the community and spread smiles in the process, something I remind myself every single day these days.”

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