Ten reasons dentistry is the right career choice for you

Why Dental Hygiene Is Important To Your Health

Millennials are way more aspirational than any of the previous generations in history. However, there is no harm if you are planning your career as a young person. By the condition of the market, you must make important choices in life. Medical is one such profession which if you put your foot in, the prospects of being successful are high. Things can get even better if you choose to become a dentist as a professional in the long run. Though it might sound odd very early, dentists are one of the most expensive doctors in the world. An interesting part to note is Americans spend more than $0.5 trillion on medical procedures and treatments, and dentists carve a smart proportion out of this staggering figure. Therefore if you want to put your foot in this profession, you should know the pros of cons. In this article, we will guide you through some benefits of becoming a dentist. Some of them are:

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1.     Restore oral health and transform people’s lives

Doctors serve the nation, which is why there is no need to be skeptical about the choice you have made. If you are passionate about becoming a dentist, you also have the power to change the lives of people through the treatment you will provide. Oral health has always been brushed under the carpet which is why it is high time for you to make it topical. As a millennial, you will be able to guide people better in this regard and transition their lives into something valuable. By restoring their oral health, you will have the opportunity to carve a good reputation for yourself.

2.     Less expensive career options

Keep in mind; dentists require minimal schooling to start their work, unlike other medical professions. A dental hygienist requires 2 to 4 years of dental schooling to put a foot into this industry. However, if you want to become another kind of doctor you will have to spend thousands of dollars on education and serve for a period of 4 to 6 years in education. Therefore this career option is a good choice you’re making to have a secure future.

Furthermore, if you are interested in visiting a dental clinic in town to see the environment, you can go on. For instance, if you are located in Tarzana, you can google Tarzana dentist to get a list of all the dentists and clinics in that city.

3.     Earn a good salary

This is the primary benefit of becoming a dentist, unlike other doctors; dentists start earning handsome amount of money very early on in their careers. A regular checkup to a dentists ranges from $250 to $700, which means you can become a millionaire within a few years. You will be surprised to know the average salary of an independent general practitioner in this field was around $344,750 per year in 2014. However, incomes vary across the country and many will continue to prosper with higher experience. The net worth you want to accumulate at the end depends on the hard work you put in.

4.     Maintain a flexible lifestyle

People who are invested in healthcare can tell life isn’t easy for them. Some medical professionals work 24/7 to serve their patients because of which they can’t make enough time for themselves. To have a balanced life you must be able to create a demarcation between personal and professional life. Dentists are people who can work for a fixed number of hours and have a flexible lifestyle. Furthermore, when you have served quite several years in the field you will have the power to change the work timings according to your flexibility.

5.     Be respected members of the communities

Every community has its veteran professionals who serve for a long time. Dentists are always highly respected in their communities and applauded for their work. They earn massive respect in the public sector and can carve a good reputation too. However, this doesn’t mean you start taking it for granted. As a naïve professional, you will have to invest in a lot of time, energy and effort to earn respect and goodwill in the community. Once you earn massive respect, you will very likely be able to create a brand image for yourself.

6.     Work as part of a team

Although, dentists are always regarded as individuals who walk their talk, but the benefit of becoming a dentist is you will be able to work in teams and learn a lot from other professionals. Healthcare is a well-guarded community in which not everyone can have a sneak peek. As a dentist, not only will you be able to speak your mind in the team but will be able to witness the amazing gene pool of talent and experience from the senior members of the community. Many professional novices learn from the team which is why they earn double benefits of being a part of the bandwagon.

7.     Go green

Keep in mind, as a dentist; you are not just doing your job but also serving the community. People and companies who work for the welfare of society are ones who are highly spoken about and always respected in the community. If you continue to work for the welfare of your people, everyone in town will start giving you a lot of respect. There are many samples of doctors who work relentlessly on fixed salaries during the day and provide free services during night time. In this day and age, it is crucial to go green if you want to earn the goodwill of the community.

8.     Being independent is the best thing

There’s nothing better than being an independent person in today’s day and age. Dentists have the privilege of leading their own lives and being strongly independent in terms of earning money and spending it. Furthermore, the benefit of becoming a dentist is you can open your own business and get self-employed immediately after completing your formal education. This gives a lot of independence and allows one to set their own goals in the long run. Keep in mind a dependent profession will never let you have control over your own life.

9.     Change the dynamics of oral health

As already discussed, the benefit of becoming a dentist in today’s world is you will be able to change the dynamics of oral health and give it a different direction. Oral health is widely stigmatized in the world, and not many people pay proper attention to it. With the help of modern techniques, right advertising, social media and investment of your efforts, you can enhance the importance of oral health. Furthermore, the best thing about being a dentist in this regard is the freedom to continue to research without having to worry about anyone holding you accountable for it.

10. Creativity comes with the job

Do you like to do things your way? Do you love experimenting? As a dentist, you will have to solve challenging cases every day, which would further add creativity in the job. It is no wonder, creativity is the need of the hour and compels a person to think out of the box. Dentistry is based on improving oral health but is also about restoring teeth and giving people a beautiful smile. So if you want to enjoy creativity with experience, this profession will give you that. Other professions can be quite boring, and a monotonous job always kills. Therefore it is crucial to be mindful about the profession.

What are the common myths regarding dentists?

Dentistry is a professional which unfortunately continues to be hounded by stereotypical myths which have been spread by the gossipmongers. As a result of these rumors, many people choose to keep away from this profession whereas many refrains from going for a dental checkup. As a millennial, you should shrug off these thoughts from your mind and make wise choices. The first myth is that the dentist should be visited only when you have pain in your teeth. Keep in mind it is crucial to visit a dentist at least twice a year to make sure you have a healthy body.

Secondly many believe oral health is not related to the rest of the body. Oral health is very much related to the rest of the body for food enters through the mouth which puts the entire body at a higher risk of notorious bacteria. There are many more myths regarding dentists and dental checkup; however, if you want to join this professional, you must dive full throttle to understand it.


Lastly, believe your heart and put a step in whichever industry you see yourself in. Dentistry is a perfect profession by this day and age. You will be surprised to know there are more than 0.2 million dentists who are practicing in this field in the US alone. This means the market is not perfectly competitive. Therefore this is the right time to enter the profession. Dentists have a charming life, but all of the above-mentioned benefits come with the investment of hard work and a lot of energy.

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