Helping More People Smile Through Marketing: Client Connection Group Shares Best Dental Marketing Practices

    Helping More People Smile Through Marketing: Client Connection Group Shares Best Dental Marketing Practices

    Bradley Rand Martin and Theo Nguyen, experts in helping dental implant practices that have specific requirements for patients, share with us the best guidelines on marketing for dental implant businesses.

    Dental surgeons play a role in their communities that has an impact on people’s overall health, which is why it is important that experts who offer quality services can compete fairly and be known in their locale.

    Bradley and Theo have designed a system tailored to deliver high-value patients for dental implant practices. A prospective patient for this type of service is someone who is in the financial position to pay for a treatment or be subject to financing. So, just a person clicking on an ad may not necessarily be a good prospect and this could actually result in a waste of time for both the practice and the potential patient.

    Client Connection Group, their agency, has successfully helped numerous dental implant practices establish a marketing and sales funnel that consistently delivers them prospective patients so that they can predictably scale their practices to multi-7 figures in revenue.

    We asked Bradley Rand Martin & Theo Nguyen what their recommendations are for such businesses that want to promote themselves in an effective way.

    Build a Strategy for the Long Term

    Deciding to buy implants is an investment that needs to be well thought out. This means the potential patient is going to take their time to make a purchase decision and they will try to choose a practice that looks reputable, that they can trust and that makes them feel comfortable. Going for the short term with aggressive advertising is not going to attract the right kind of patient base and could harm the reputation of the practice.

    “Some agencies can have great results in the first one or two months and then, they stop delivering because they focus on the short-term vs long-term. They do these flashy ads with 20% discounts, exclamation points, etcetera. A few people fall for the discounts in the ads, but everyone else is annoyed whenever they see your ads.

    That’s why the average agency retention is a month and a half because their strategies are spammy, so they tend to be effective just in the short term,” says Bradley.

    Theo explains that building a positive reputation that attracts the right kind of patients in what is generally a lengthy purchase process requires serving your market during the initial steps: “If you don’t scare them off with a negative impression of your practice, you put yourself in the best position to win their trust instead of your competitors.”

    “We create a positive purchasing experience for the potential patients of the practices we work for. We want them to think, «Even though I’m not buying from them today, I like them.» If we spam them with generic ads everywhere they go on the internet or if we mail them constantly, etc., we make the practices look unprofessional, needy and annoying,” says Theo.

    Do the Follow Up Work

    As we said, this type of product (dental implants) is not normally bought on a whim. So nurturing the relationship with potential new patients is essential. Marketing for dental practices requires incorporating follow-up emails or calls.

    “We put together a team that follows up through emails, texts, and calls to bring the patients to the practice. The fortune is in the follow-up. We follow up even after hours when their offices are closed and we schedule appointments when the clients are ready to do so.

    Frankly, we wouldn’t have as good a retention rate without that strategy, because we do the follow-up part for the doctors,” says Theo.

    Find the Right Channels for Your Practice Within the Community

    Dental practices are mostly at the service of their communities and each one is different. For example, variables in the local demographic such as age composition, social media habits, and others, influence what are the best channels for dental practices to reach their potential patients.

    Bradley Rand Martin tells us about the Client Connection Group approach when deciding which channels to use for every dental practice’s campaign: “We take their ad spend and do A/B testing to see what platform mix works best for them, playing with various combinations to get the best results.”

    If you want to know more about Client Connection Group and its founders Theo Nguyen and Bradley Rand Martin, we recommend you to follow them on LinkedIn.

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