On The Front Foot Of Digital Branding – Poppins And Maani Safa

On The Front Foot Of Digital Branding - Poppins And Maani Safa

Maani Safa is among the well-recognized names in the creative technology and branding world. Safa is behind the digital transformations of several global brands and has provided his assistance in building multiple successful digital creative agencies. Now, he has assembled a team of elites for a top of the industry venture by the name of ‘Poppins.’


Poppins gathers the industry’s most prolific members in order to excel in the market. A touch of genius, as the award-winning CEO & Founder of Poppins, Maani Safa has led several prestigious brands to digital glory but knows each field has its experts. An equally impressive amount of achievements is under the belt of each Poppins team member.

Sharing a belief that digital tech has become a vital aspect of our life, as essential as the air we breathe or the food we eat, the high-profile team comes together to introduce naturally experienced solutions and progress to their clients. The digital experience of a consumer should be equally natural but comforting. While it shouldn’t disrupt a daily rhythm, it should introduce to something new through engagement and interaction. That’s what Safa’s team exceeds at, on a global scale.


Perfectly Located

Poppins is based in London, Los Angeles, and Sydney. An expansion that comes with plenty of opportunity.

Poppins was developed as a ‘boutique agency’ for digital branding expertise. They sell a ‘digitally handcrafted’ experience. Each member has worked with big brands like Virgin, Samsung, Red Bull, Apple, Google, Wall Street Journal, and many others. The collective insight of these experts is unmeasurable and a success guarantor.


The group works passionately to build strong on this foundation on possibilities and potentials. That’s how any brand or start-up receives a unique identity through the diversity of the team. Brands and enterprises can communicate with the targeted audience and customers with proper solutions to the business challenges. This newfound efficacy blends both brand and a product together.

Safa firmly believes that a successful brand is not a single person’s effort or idea. The team spirit of Poppins translates into the client’s experience.


With a constantly growing list of prestigious clients, it’s hard to imagine Safa’s latest project is not going to expand a lot further in the future. It’ll be interesting to see what other brands trust in the innovative collective.

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