3 Essential Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Solutions Drying Up: The Rise Of The Global Water Crisis

There is a good chance for many of us that we won’t end up in the middle of nowhere, worrying whether we can survive. It is not exactly an everyday scenario. Making it through the day? Yes. Making it through the day under circumstances that go against your survival? Less so. However, stranger things have happened, and if you want to be prepared in case you become one of the very few unlikely people who get stranded or need to think on their feet to survive, then read this piece to find out the essential survival skills you need to know.

How To Purify a Water Source

We cannot go without water for long, and when we do, the side effects start coming at us hard and fast – which includes our ability to think straight. Dehydration can be rough even under the best of circumstances, so if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot rectify it easily, things can go south pretty quickly. This is why learning to purify a water source is one of your top essential survival skills because, without water, you will find that your situation will disintegrate rapidly, affected by your ability. There are now some great filtration products on the market, but if you find yourself in a situation where you have not got any kit, the very least you can do is boil water to kill any parasites and germs before you consume it – cooled down!

Basic First Aid

In a perfect world, we would all carry a mini first aid kit on us at all times, but alas, the world is not perfect, and many of us have to make do with a store napkin and some water before we can patch our cut up. If you are out in the wilderness or a remote situation, a cut can soon turn into a much bigger problem, which is why you need to be able to lessen the chances of infection right off the bat. While you will most likely have to use the items around you, such as doc leaves, herbs, snow for swelling, or a t-shirt tourniquet to limit blood flow, the real first aid will be in learning what you can do to help yourself when different situations arise – the items are just your potential tools, but the knowledge will help you use them efficiently. Check out Self Reliance Outfitters for quality training courses and all the equipment you will need if you are planning an adventure.

How To Start a Fire

If you are stranded, you are going to need to keep warm. Starting a fire is one of the fastest ways to do this. The best way to be prepared for many situations is to carry around a lighter and a multitool. As long as you can find something dry enough to burn and have a lighter, it can be simple to make a fire. Use a multitool for cutting down bits for kindling or any other flammable materials you can find. If you do not tend to carry a lighter around, then don’t worry – there are other ways to make a fire. They just require a little more patience!



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