Amardeep- a young and path breaking businessman

Amardeep- a young and path breaking businessman
Amardeep- a young and path breaking businessman

Amardeep is a successful and inspirational business entrepreneur who hails from a small city from Bihar. When business entrepreneurship is considered as a fancy job with the luxury of being self boss then Amardeep also boasts his standing as a B.Tech geek who has set himself as a magnetic and path-breaking personality in his field.


Amardeep is currently serving as a managing director in his own business and not only that, he also keeps an eye on the functioning of all the activities in his office as he feels that the only two things that a business requires are happy customers and growth. Choosing entrepreneurship over a decent-paying job after completing B.Tech was not an easy decision to make. As job offers security and fewer responsibilities on an individual. But, Amardeep chose his path as an entrepreneur and quit his job along with the paycheck.


Talking about the early days in his life, Amardeep said that he qualified his 10th grade from Sonipath and 12th grade from Dehradun. Amardeep was always an extraordinary student when it came to mathematics and science but his extracurricular activities were always completed by reading and researching about great business personalities and entrepreneurs. Amardeep was always praised by his teachers for his brilliancy and overall personality as an individual.


Right now, Amardeep has taken the franchise of “Tata Motors” and “Valvoline”. With big companies at his hand, he is also expected to deliver his big potential with the greatest possible efficiency. The automobile industry was heavily affected by the ill effects of the pandemic and with the poor financial condition of both individuals and countries, it was a challenge to revive back. Amardeep has never been taken aback by the challenges in his path and he accepted this situation with utmost bravery. Amardeep fuelled people with hope and right now he is enjoying the success of a sale that was above his expectations. When the youth is busy in rat race and innovation crisis then the inspirational stories as that of Amardeep fills us with hope and soothes us down.

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