Spencer Vann: Discovering Surplus Funds And Sharing It With Many Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

Spencer Vann: Discovering Surplus Funds And Sharing It With Many Homeowners and Real Estate Investors
Spencer Vann: Discovering Surplus Funds And Sharing It With Many Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

Billions of overages or surplus funds are withheld by the government because many homeowners don’t know about it and aren’t claiming.


Many successful business owners across different industries never really dreamt of starting the business they are running and succeeding at now. Some did trial and errors on a variety of business models or types, some assumed or inherited a dying business from their parents and made them work and grow, and some accidentally just came across the idea one day because of certain reasons like helping a family member to learn more about a certain industry. Some business success mostly comes from unintentionally venturing into a certain industry and growing to love it even more and eventually becoming an expert and a guru who later on shares their knowledge and expertise with others.


Spencer Vann, co-founder, and CEO of SurplusFund.com, never really thought or even dreamt of getting into real estate growing up. After having his dreams of becoming an athlete crushed because of an ankle injury, Spencer started reading and learning more about real estate to potentially help his mom buy her very first dream house, or give her a kick start by connecting her with the right people who could help. All her life, Spencer Vann’s mom was renting one house after another because she and her husband used most of their earnings to provide for Spencer and his brother who had special needs because of severe autism.


Growing up, Spencer Vann has always promised to himself to help his parents earn and save as much as possible to help with his brother’s medical treatment needs. He began to excel greatly at sports, most especially basketball. Doing well as a freshman athlete, Spencer then aspired to one day becoming an NBA star. However, All those dreams in sports came tumbling down when he shattered his ankle, saying goodbye to his basketball dreams forever.


Feeling miserable and hopeless that his dreams were already out of reach, his mom started spending more time with him sharing her dreams of buying and owning her own home someday. His mom spent her entire life renting and had always dreamed of buying and owning her own home but never got the chance to because their family, especially his brother’s treatment, needed to always come first. One day, it just clicked in Spencer Vann’s head to learn about real estate and help her mom with her dreams.


At the age of 17, Spencer had his first taste of success when he closed his first real estate wholesale deal. By 18, he was already a real estate agent in Orange County California. Obsessively reading and learning more and more about real estate, Spencer came across Surplus Funds. Learning how many homeowners are not aware of their overage claimable, Spencer dedicated his time learning more about Surplus Funds and eventually started his own training business together with his business partner. Now, Spencer Vann, his partner, and their team of coaches are training homeowners to know more about lost money recovery and real estate investors online on how to start and grow their own Surplus Fund recovery business.


Discover more about SurplusFund.com by visiting their website.

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