The 5 best movies for fitness motivation, according to Ron Earley


Motivation is hard to come by and maintain when your feet are burning, knees shaking and your muscles turning to jello, however, to reach your fitness goals you need to keep at it. Even with a fitness goal in mind, it is difficult to stay motivated throughout and you can easily slip into a comfort zone that will be hard to get out of.
According to Ron Earley, founder, owner and CEO of Heavy Marketing LLC, fitness is much like getting into sales, you need to stay motivated at all times to achieve your goals without relenting.
Ron notes that movies can be a source of motivation, as you immerse yourself in a story and a character’s journey. Here are 5 movies for fitness motivation as chosen by Ron Earley:
An oldie but a goodie. Rocky is a classic masterpiece that is the perfect kickoff for this list. It is a movie that highlights how you can achieve success by combining hard work, determination and passion. The training and soundtrack tie the story together and inspire others to create their own training montage and choose music that helps keep morale up.
Southpaw is a movie about a left-handed professional boxer who goes from the top to the bottom and begins rebuilding his life back up. This story is great for motivation as it speaks to the different phases you go through in your fitness journey. It is about reclaiming lost glory and overcoming yourself.
Creed might as well be known as never give up. It is the perfect motivational movie for both it’s soundtrack and the story. The story revolves around a boxer and the difficulties he faces to make it to the top.
Million Dollar Baby
A young ambitious girl will face any obstacle to pursue her dream of becoming a professional boxer. Faced with many challenges, she is motivated by her goal and uses that as her driving force to make it where she wants to be.
Rudy is a movie that proves determination and hard work can get you through any challenge. Rudy is the embodiment of making your own way through walls and mountains. Rudy overcomes his shortcomings and proves that persistence will get you through any walls, whether self-built or not.

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