Why CEOs Are Starting Their Days With a Dose of CBD Gummies

Why CEOs Are Starting Their Days With a Dose of CBD Gummies

The life of a CEO can be hectic, to say the least, and coffee doesn’t always get the job done. Nowadays, CEOs are busier than ever, and constantly looking for new ways to get their energy back and relieve stress. CBD is becoming a popular option for CEOs and other busy professionals.

CBD is not the same as THC, which is a psychoactive compound. Both are found in the Cannabis plant but have different effects. It’s important to know the difference when you’re talking about CBD, as the two are sometimes confused. CBD has no psychoactive effects whatsoever.

Here’s why CEOs are starting their days with a dose of CBD gummies.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress is pretty much a given when you’re a CEO. You’re presiding over an entire company, all of its employees, and the fate of that company very much depends on your effectiveness as a leader. CEOs can experience high levels of anxiety from their positions, and while caffeine is the go-to remedy of choice to maintain energy and focus, it may be more harmful than you think.

Caffeine is actually an addictive substance, and you can become dependent on it. Have you ever gone a few days without coffee after drinking it regularly for months or years? You start feeling that itch, and a little voice in your head says “You need caffeine!

In some cases, caffeine can actually add to your feelings of anxiety, even though you may not be aware of the link between the two. Anything in large doses can be harmful, but Americans drink millions of gallons of coffee per year; more than enough caffeine to cause its share of problems.

CBD gummies are becoming an alternative to caffeinated drinks, not because they energize the body, but because they help calm the mind. Often, stress and anxiety are what zap the energy out of you, and rather than helping relieve it, caffeine just gives you an energy boost to get through it. Getting to the source is always a better choice.

As a CEO, when you start your day with a CBD gummy, you’re setting up your body for a more positive day. CBD has been found to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and even more serious anxiety-related disorders in adults. Imagine all you could accomplish throughout the day if your stress levels were reduced!

Better Sleep

Many people report improved sleep quality when they buy CBD gummies regularly. Starting your day with a CBD gummy can help clear your mind, and the same is true when you take one at the end of the day as well. Reduced stress and anxiety and better mental clarity make for much more productive sleep patterns.

Not getting enough sleep is linked to all manner of health issues, from increased risk for heart disease and other physical ailments to poor mental health, so it’s important that CEOs focus on getting enough sleep.


People who suffer from inflammatory conditions like arthritis are no stranger to pain or the side effects that come with a prescription or OTC pain meds. Inflammation can be incredibly painful, but CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to help manage pain from such conditions.

This natural substance is often a safer alternative to opioid-based pain medications, which always carry the risk of dependency. Even OTC pain medications can cause complications when they’re taken on a regular basis, including damage to internal organs. CBD has little to no side effects, and even when side effects do occur, they’re minor. The worst side effects you’ll experience from taking a CBD gummy are fatigue or diarrhea; hardly akin to internal organ damage.

Anti-Aging Properties?

The effects of stress can wear out the body quicker, causing age marks on the skin. Crow’s feet, wrinkles, etc., are common signs of aging on the skin, and some preliminary evidence shows that CBD oil may actually have anti-aging properties.

When you’re pushing 40 in a fast-paced business environment, there’s not a lot you can do to reverse the effects of time on your face and body, but CBD seems to help both men and women. It’s affordable, abundant, and best of all, the side effects are minimal. Not to mention, CBD doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or additives like many skincare products do.

Should You Take It?

If you’re a busy CEO, there’s no reason not to try out CBD. It’s safe, legal, and the best CBD oil is only a click away. There are thousands of CBD providers in the US, but it’s always a good idea to do your research on the brand you plan to purchase from. Choose only high-quality CBD sourced from USA-grown hemp for the best results.

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