Mouad Tassoufra – A Versatile Individual Who Has achieved an Amazing Fan Base with His Engaging Music

Mouad Tassoufra - A Versatile Individual Who Has achieved an Amazing Fan Base with His Engaging Music

Mouad Tassoufra known as “JEN” started listening to rap in 2004. He was very much influenced by 2pac, Scarface and Vinnie Paz. He liked this and he became a part of his life and he got inspired by this. He recorded for the first time in 2008 in an amateur manner. He worked on until 2011 and he met J Prod and recorded in a professional studio. This was the start and there was no turning point. He worked on his mixtape “Swi3a”. This took up 2 years of work to save and delete in order to release it on 2014. Jen’s nickname was all from the people with a prod he worked with. He is a very much innovative and versatile individual. He never fails to achieve in every field he steps into.

He never knew what all future had up for him. He dreamed about becoming a famous rapper when he came across the album of “Don Big” on 2008. This was the major influence that helped him to start doing this in a Moroccan language. He was in love with the culture and he wanted to work for his own satisfaction. He achieved immense success and had achieved a loyal fan base. He gives his success to his fans.

Mouad doesn’t have a stereotypical set of guidelines to make a hit song. He works hard on each of his creations. This starts from writing lyrics with his real feelings. He always works to satisfy his fans.  His songs become a prominent hit because of his individuality and unique talent. He suggests the new talents, not only musicians but any talent to work hard on it. He asks not to care about haters. Focusing on your goals and believing in oneself will lead you to become a star. His self-confidence has been his biggest strength. When he believes in himself this will make his fans believe and this aids his success.

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