Jake Tayler Jacobs’ Journey from Humble Beginnings to Establishing a Widely Successful Business Consultancy Firm

Entrepreneur Jake Tayler Jacob

The pandemic this year has proved the large divide that exists between the rich and the poor. At the same time, crucial events in the country have also put into sharp focus the difficult conditions and challenges faced by people of colour. To rise above these challenges and succeed is no easy task. It requires great knowledge and skill to build a business. Jake Tayler Jacobs’ journey is one such story that leads to his widely successful business firm.

In the beginning, Jake started out teaching college students and whole families about the importance of finance and its knowhow. This was because he had no dreams about becoming an entrepreneur. “I went to school to become a PE teacher. I never dreamed of anything else in my life. Nevertheless, I was interested in teaching people about finance and the finance sector in general, but I never thought I’d end up applying it to my own life,” said Jake. Clearly, there were other plans in store for Jake because in 2016, while eating at a local Applebee’s, Jake had an epiphany and mapped out his entire business on 7 napkins. It is this business that today, is worth millions. In the five years since his stroke of genius, Jake has developed his business and financial consultancy firm into a growing brand. He now has clients in over 10 countries.

“We were fortunate that we gained success in our venture. Now we have one of the most trusted black-owned consulting firms in America. I do hope that this will enable us to build a company that can give job opportunities to people of colour to help the succeed financially,” said Jake. He speaks from his own experience growing up without a financial plan to put into practice. It was his good luck and his own knowledge of finance that allowed him to achieve his success. So, now he has made it his mission to help other people to become financially independent and secure.

In the next five years, Jake expects his company to easily make a big splash in the tech field. Jake’s consultancy firm is expected to become a competing business and he is taking steps to ensure that the business develops over the coming years to fulfil his goal.

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