10 Must-Watch Software Development Trends in 2021

Computer tracking - Image by Guilhem Vellut
Computer tracking - Image by Guilhem Vellut

Despite the unrelenting turmoil currently defining the year 2020, the software development industry has collectively continued to make significant progress. As CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines force industries to adapt to these unprecedented times, companies’ reliance on SaaS programs continues to grow, allowing software industry leaders to capitalize on business owners’ shifting needs.

Late in 2019, experts made bold predictions regarding the software industry’s future in 2020, without any knowledge of a global pandemic lurking around the corner.

  • Calls for increased digital transformation related to A.I. and machine learning
  • Increased development of software directed at automated processes
  • Focus on time-stamping of all data
  • More focus on voice and speech recognition software

During 2020, some of these trends came to fruition, while a host of other trends appeared on the software development horizon. Some of the trends that came into focus during 2020 include:

  • Increased spending on A.I. technology (hardware and software)
  • Increased focus on blockchain technology as a means of tracking data
  • The development of software to assist in the capturing of big data
  • The transformation of the entertainment industry by combining AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies
  • A more concentrated focus on continuous integration + continuous deployment (CI/CD) to aid in faster dispersion of mobile app software
  • Introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology guided by software and devices

With the pandemic’s end nowhere in sight, software industry leaders must step up to the plate and respond to the COVID-19 era’s debilitating uncertainty with resilience. As software developers nationwide adopt an out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new mindset, software developers should strive to remain competitive in the industry. How can developers attain that competitive edge? By tracking these expert-predicted software development trends of 2021. Additionally, those in the tech sector should harness the power of a reliable software QA company.

Before software hits the marketplace, there needs to be absolute assurance the software will perform at optimal efficiency. An unwavering dedication to QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) is critical in maximizing company time and resources. After all, a well-oiled quality assurance strategy will help save time and money, protect the software company’s reputation, and confirm that necessary security features are in place.

Software trends to watch for in 2021

As we stumble into the year 2021, there’s no reason to expect that software advancements will wind to a halt. With that in mind, here are ten must-watch trends to look for as we ring in the new year.

Native app development

With people living their lives and earning a paycheck through their mobile devices, software developers will strive to create native apps specifically designed for the iOS and Android operating systems.

The Internet Of Things (IoT)

In 2021, experts expect that the demand for IoT hardware (devices), software, system integration capabilities, and data and telecom services will continue to surge.

Big data computation

Software platforms that perform calculations will garner more attention, as they’ll be able to complete real-time calculations on-demand without resorting to data storage.

Human Augmentation

The world can expect to see further advancements in human augmentation software and devices. These advancements’ primary focus will be on improving bodily functions such as seeing and hearing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) expansion

The AI development train will continue rolling as more industries look to increase productivity and improve the customer experience through machine learning and speech processing.

Introduction of progressive web apps

With users moving away from websites and dedicating concentrated focus on mobile apps, software developers will continue to develop progressive web apps that are easier to access.

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

CI/CD technology will allow software developers to fix bugs and have the fixes ready in real-time. That way, developers can avoid productivity-stalling and sales-stifling updates.

Low-code development platform (LCDP)

LCDP is a trend that will allow software developers to address complicated programming issues in the production of simpler software interfaces.

Cross-platform and hybrid development

While experts anticipate that native apps will receive more attention in the software industry, that’s not to imply that hybrid platforms will be laid to rest. Some industries will still need the flexibility granted by having access to hybrid platforms, as these hybrid platforms will allow business owners to conserve time and financial resources.

SQL Databases

Moving forward, more companies will begin to accept that SQL databases are essential for the development of business applications.

Final word

Much like in other neighboring industries, industry leaders should avoid stagnation at all costs. By tuning into upcoming trends, business owners can outrank their competitors and stay relevant among their target audience.

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