Three simple ways to improve your online security

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The average person spends just under seven hours a day on the Internet across all devices. As the majority of our society is completely reliant on the world wide web, it has become more and more imperative to navigate it securely. 

The threat of being scammed online hangs over our heads daily, but many people underestimate the possibility of becoming a victim. You should always try to take the necessary steps to avoid making yourself vulnerable to fraud or phishing scams.

Here are three ways of improving your security online:

Two-factor authentication 

This has become a very common security feature and you have more than likely experienced it at some point. It is a multi-factor authentication process that uses two separate methods to identify your identity when trying to access your personal account or information. Usually, it can require either a password, fingerprint or passcode.

A lot of companies have incorporated it onto their websites as a way to beef up their security, like online gambling sites. The casino industry has grown drastically because of its enhanced online presence and its promotional offers. They are becoming more prevalent and most of the top online Canadian casinos have taken the added steps to ensure a safe interaction. Due to the fierce competition in this industry, features such as security, ratings and bonuses have been ranked to help consumers.

With this security measure enforced, you can rest easy knowing that your financial or personal information is secure.

Password Management

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Constantly having to change your passwords can be a tedious task, especially if you lose track of half of them. But creating unique passwords for different logins can reduce the risk of being hacked exponentially. If your password is compromised, the last thing you want is a domino effect of all your accounts now being vulnerable because of an identical password. 

According to DataProt, 51% of people use the same passwords for both work and personal accounts. Even scarier, 23 million accounts use the password “123456”.

A great way to strengthen your password is to use the random generator a lot of sites provide when signing up. They can look like a scroll of Egyptian hieroglyphics, but it provides you with the strongest possible password. If you are going to keep a list of passwords, try to have a physical record instead of a digital and do not keep it in your email. 


If you want to really secure your device, it is highly recommended that you install some antivirus software. Simply put, it sniffs out any malicious code or malware and deletes it before it can cause any damage. Most modern laptops have antivirus software already built in when you acquire them, but it is usually only a trial version. But if you want to look further, there are additional software packages you can get to help boost the safety of your computer.

You can secure your personal information and also protect your friends and family by following at least one of these steps. 

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