How Vlad Gasan is Transforming The Software Management Industry


One of the key success factors for software products is product management. Product management ensures a smooth process of building, implementation and running of digital products, all while taking into account audience and life cycle considerations.

Today, the number of individuals hoping to break into product management is increasing significantly. This industry exists to help solve people’s problems through developing business technologies, software platforms, and new consumer goods that people use daily.

Vlad Gasan is a product management expert. Originating from Ukraine, he has experienced setbacks, obstacles, challenges and also many wins and successes.

Helping others land 6-figure Product Manager roles 

Vlad Gasan is a product manager at eBay and a Principal Product Manager focusing on experimentation. He is also a mentor, featured speaker, and Angel investor at Grishin Robotics. Alongside this, he is the founder of Product Management Mastermind Community which holds more than 4000 active members worldwide.

Vlad has worked as a software product manager for over 8 years, and has consigned products that have impacted the lives of millions of users. Additionally, he is a writer who builds and manages online communities.

Having created a coaching program and a product management community to aspire product managers, he has helped many to land product management roles with 6-figure salaries, within a 2-4 month time span. He prides himself in helping people, doing fulfilling work, and feeling happy.

The necessity for software product management

Product management helps an organization maximize sales revenues, enhance profit margins and increase market share. An efficient product management process helps build successful products within an organization to attain economies of scale.

The product manager is in charge of conducting market research to analyze customer needs. They design and implement plans to eliminate obsolete technologies, visualize and describe the product, and collaborate with different departments in the organization to ensure company profitability and customer satisfaction.

How Vlad is impacting lives

Vlad understands how products are built from a technical standpoint, and his software engineering and product management experience give him a competitive edge.

Moreover, his mission is to solve customers’ problems, do everything possible to make sure his team ships the right product, as well as build products and features to achieve specific business KPIs. Vlad has a coaching system that has helped more than 50 people transition and attain a job in product management.

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