James Dhillon Emphasizes The Importance Of The Art Of Saving Time

James Dhillon - A successful serial entrepreneur

In these challenging times more than ever. But in the recent past, as well as the future, tiring and detailed extra tasks are changing the daily shape of many jobs, leaving employees frustrated and holding up general business progress. Automaters, founded and lead in Calgary by James Dhillon, offer solutions. 

The British business and marketing expert knows how important automation has become in the last years. During the lockdown, it has become inevitable, especially for online businesses. Industries and businesses that used to rely on offline business and processes are suddenly forced to pivot into significant changes and transformations, being left with the online market as the only active option. With every growth, there is an increasing amount of parts to be filled in supply chains. Even this biggest global players such as Amazon rely on automated and semi-automated distribution centres in order to fulfill their services.

A successful serial entrepreneur himself, James Dhillon represents the strong statement that full automation isn’t to be considered a privilege anymore. It much rather is a standard and the only way to survive the current circumstances forced upon us by the pandemic. The consultant says that automating small-scaling business and start-ups in these days starts “by building an extensive mailing list with a compelling offer and free trials of products or services to entice visitors who may potentially turn into customers. Secondly, the onus of delivering valuable content consistently must be taken up effectively, without underrating its power. The idea is to automate daily tasks so that the business owners can lay focus on expanding the business, taking orders from anywhere and everywhere, and making money day and night – both during and after the pandemic.”

The 29-year old owns the Calgary-based business Automaters, a marketing, business development & consulting agency. Dhillon experienced the massive benefits of automation first hand, making the adjustments and changes in his own business just in time before the global crisis. With plenty of clients seeking advice on how to jump on the train in time now, he is able to share his experience mixed with expertise. He advises business owners not to look for a quick-fix type of solution, to not think of automation as a temporary patch to bridge a situations. It is much rather the absolute future for online businesses, and therefor deserves thoughtful consideration, consulting by the right experts, as well as the will to invest with a long term vision. 

With all these factors considered, Dhillon and Automaters are currently supporting over 200 businesses, including industry leaders with their knowledge and solutions. Implementing a formula, that will inevitably be part of any successful online business in the future.

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