Sourcing Her Success From Spiritual Balance – Giovanna Silvestre

The famous travel blogger and founder of the successful yoga wear brand “Confused Girl in the City” has come an extraordinary way to where she stands today

The famous travel blogger and founder of the successful yoga wear brand “Confused Girl in the City” has come an extraordinary way to where she stands today. Currently writing her first book, she is looking to inspire others.

The inspirational figure grew up in a highly entrepreneurial environment. Her father immigrated from Italy to start successful hospitality business. The idea of working in a family business or creating her own was always very natural to Silvestre. Though after graduation with honours in International Relations, it took her into the entertainment industry. Silvestre spent several years collaborating on productions with industry greats.

Giovanna’s motivation to launch her own Yoga wear brand followed a major ‘internal awakening’ around 6 years ago. The start of a spiritual journey that also led her to the idea for the designs of the clothing line. The high quality yoga bands star prints of healing crystals and are made in Los Angeles. ‘Confused Girl In The City’ has turned into a huge success being featured in magazines such as Forbes & Yoga Digest, Silicon Beach Magazine, as well as appearing on the cover of Yoga LA, a dream come true for the young entrepreneur.

Success, that Giovanna doesn’t take for granted. She remembers two of her “favorite entrepreneurial moments were when my intern was in Munich Germany and texted me that she saw a girl biking by in our leggings. Also, when I was having a moment of doubt and I saw a girl walking by in our leggings in Venice beach as I was driving past her. These are a few of my favorite moments. I love seeing our customers feeling confident and happy in our apparel.”

As a social media influencer, Silvestre has teamed up with major brands from T-Mobile, Vitamin Water, Coca-Cola, Target, Walmart, Crocs, Lindt Chocolate, to Audi, Vaseline and many more. Being amongst the very first female influencers to represent the German automobile brand Audi was particularly special for the social media star. The industry is known to feature predominantly male representatives.

Reflecting on all her experiences and lessons, Giovanna Silvestre is currently writing on her first book. She describes ‘Seven Things Every Confused Girl Should Do’ as a guide and share experience at the same time. In her own words, she is looking for the book to “help women of every age to navigate a positive life course through a rapidly changing world of new opportunities that, while seemingly daunting in some respects, nevertheless offers women greater potential than ever before for achieving self-fulfillment through the discovery and pursuit of their true nature and passions.”

Given the platform Silvestre has these days, and the fact that the story of the ‘Confused Girl’ started as a written blog, there is little doubt her book is going to turn into an equal success.

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