Top soccer streaming websites for you to choose from

    Live Soccer

    As the world resumes work keeping in mind the new safety norms, sports have also started off slowly and even though its not the same as watching matches live, it’s better than not being able to watch them at all.

    This season, while everyone stays in the comfort and safety of their homes to enjoy some good old fashioned soccer, we have curated a list of the top five websites that you can use to watch soccer streams on TV.

    The speciality of this website is that it shows matches real time and is not limited to any single league. It also has fixtures from the World Cup qualifiers to the Scottish league and even the MLS and everything else that revolves in the world of soccer.

    2. Laola1.TV – yet another perfect example of quality services, this website will let you stream upto four events together and also record them so you never miss the match. It offers a free service but also has premium content for additional options.

    3. Live Soccer TV is a free website that not only lets you stream matches but will also tell you what channels are broadcasting the matches. As an additional benefit for those in North America, it will also show you soccer pubs so you can enjoy a match and crack open a cold one.

    4. Sky Sports – this website offers not only soccer but a wide range of sports for those who love it. The only downside is that it’s a premium website and is expensive to subscribe to.

    5. ESPN – espn is popular across the world, the channel is available on the inter web and has options for free streaming as well as paid services that offer a little extra kick.

    This winds up our list of popular websites that will let you sit back, relax and enjoy a good soccer game.

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