The 3.5 Million Simon Ourian Sculpture

Simon Ourian’s Masterpiece in Miami

Those in the know are curious about the rise of a cosmetic dermatology physician who quickly and naturally became a high-priced name in the contemporary art scene. Dr. Simon Ourian has enhanced his aesthetic medicine practice over decades, and now is seen mastering and evolving as an artist whose sculpture is valued at $3.5 Million, after its commissioning.

Art is referred to as the creation of beauty; Dr. Ourian is an artist who creates beauty both using syringes in his laboratory gown and using his chisels in a plain white shirt. Through transitioning from an aesthetic provider in his medical spa in Beverly Hills, to becoming the Da Vinci of California, the world-famous doctor has proved that beauty could exist everywhere and that science, mathematics, and art blend harmoniously together.

Through the vision and skill of Dr. Simon Ourian, cosmetic dermatology as a field has revolutionized and have made a considerable impact on the art world. His non-surgical techniques have brought out the best face and physique possible of numerous A-List stunners and Hollywood stars such as the Kardashians and Lady Gaga. The doctor’s influence has echoed all over the world, and across generations, so much that he has helped lessen the stigma in getting filler injections, for one.

Non-surgical jawline and chin contouring

Dr. Ourian is skilled at shaping marble, stone, and other contemporary materials like aluminum and resin. His talent has magic, which keeps him free-flowing with his art. He is a perfect star in modern-day art and has also been compared to Da Vinci’s artistic skill. In his clinic, the physician carries around protractors and calipers as he loves to be precise with facial measurements. On Instagram, he is seen measuring noses, jawlines, and chins prior to filler application. Truly, creativity, precision, and focus run in his veins.

Pay him a visit at Epione Beverly Hills in 444 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, USA. His website is


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