Nidal Rasheed Sheds Light on His Journey of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Nidal Rasheed, a successful entrepreneur, and property expert, who has aided hundreds of families to get on and climb up the property ladder, talks about his journey so far and the circumstances that led him to invest and eventually make a name for himself in the property business.

Nidal Rasheed a Successful Entrepreneur
Nidal Rasheed

Nidal Rasheed migrated to Australia along with his family, in search of better opportunities and to build a foundation for a happy and peaceful life. Nidal has had an aptitude for business from a very young age. His journey began selling lollies out of vending machines when he was 14 years old to owning a restaurant at just 22 years of age – that lasted for 2.5 years. Nevertheless, it was a learning experience and Nidal set out from there to build himself up again from scratch.

“I was able to bounce right back up, pursue my passion for property, and make my first million dollars by the time I was 30. Now I run a boutique property agency that helps people play monopoly in real life,” says Nidal Rasheed.

Nidal Rasheed now runs a successful company called ‘Silvertail Property Group’ that helps people buy and/or build new properties. These properties specifically include brand new houses and land packages, townhouses, apartments, dual key homes, and duplexes. In addition to that ‘Silvertail’ is a property investment company that mainly focuses on creating long term wealth for their clients through small property investing.

Nidal’s persistence and outstanding commitment to achieving a high standard in customer service have been rewarded through quite a few awards. His unmatched knowledge of the building and construction industry combined with his extremely open and friendly approach to business makes him an aspiring and fitting leader for the Silvertail team. Nidal plans to keep moving ahead in his business ventures and continue to successfully carry forward his family as is his biggest motivation.

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