The Game-Changing Acne Scars Solution: Coolaser

Simon Ourian, a leading cosmetic dermatology doctor in Southern California

Acne scars are a bigger problem than ever, largely due to more of us experiencing more breakouts while in lockdown. With acne comes another problem: acne scars

A common misconception is that acne scars are impossible to treat and would last a lifetime. Dermatologists, however, say otherwise. Although the daunted scars affect the skin’s lower levels as it does the skin’s surface, it is possible to reduce their appearance given the right product and appropriate treatment.

Treatment : Coolaser Skin resurfacing

Simon Ourian, a leading cosmetic dermatology doctor in Southern California, definitely has the background and the experience to help people with their unwanted acne scars. He has seen patients and cases from all over the world, from Dubai to Paris. People fly from everywhere to get treated by the famous doctor in his Beverly Hills location as he only practices at Epione.  His eye for detail and his knowledge of and vast experience in aesthetic medicine make him one of the most respected providers in the field.

Simon Ourian, MD

The iconic doctor has developed a skin resurfacing technique that is deemed to be highly effective in addressing acne scars, among many other skin concerns—the Coolaser. Overwhelmingly positive results have been reported with the Coolaser, people do not seem to mind that they have to travel to Dr. Simon’s Epione clinic in Beverly Hills to experience it as the Coolaser is only available there.

The incredible technology works by projecting light pulses onto the affected area, vaporizing the blemishes. The Coolaser has several advantages: It can be used on the neck which is known to be a sensitive area of the skin; it offers faster healing time that other methods; and it can even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles too.

If you have unsightly acne scars, you can benefit from the highly effective and less invasive Coolaser treatment available only at Epione Beverly Hills. Visit to know more.

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