Why All Forex Traders Should Look up the Name Ricky Andrade

Ricky Andrade

The world of Forex is an exhausting racecourse where each minute is crucial and every hunch has to be carefully calibrated for it to generate optimal profits. Founder and CEO of Market Masters Academy, Ricky Andrade is a Master of this race. Born and raised in modest settings, Andrade quit his job at 21 to pursue entrepreneurship. Since then, he has successfully launched multiple thriving businesses and has created a wide, popular, and professional reputation in the Forex Industry.

At his academy, Andrade welcomes young entrepreneurs and instills them with the skills required to be a successful trader. He offers results-focused Forex Market training and signal services. Through a wide range of courses, he imparts knowledge and places emphasis on strategies that allow investors to achieve maximum profits and minimize downsides irrespective of Market Conditions.

Shifting Market dynamics mean elevated risk involvement. Hence, Andrade mentors his students to take time to identify objectives and maintain a precise and clear risk profile while observing the same himself. With markets in overdrive, reducing trade sizes – while augmenting stops that prevent losses beyond present limits – is one of the many ways to restrict risk exposure.

When mass investors sell to limit their losses or to cash-in on rising trends, it culminates in high volumes of trading. As a result, the market price fluctuates, so if an online order was being executed at the time, it leads to the order transacting at a varied price than what was quoted. Regardless of these conditions, extreme price fluctuations present with unparalleled opportunities. In Forex, exchange rate variation creates momentum that can provide significant gain.

At the same time, Andrade believes it is also important to understand that once you have added money into a live trading account, you have to accept that losses are inevitable. They simply are a “fee for learning”. Poise and aplomb are two pillars that will provide you strength at that time. For if you are unable to remain calm, you might hurriedly exit and miss out on the rebounds that very often happen and provide profits.

According to Andrade, Another important tool to understand is leverage. When trading Forex, this helps in controlling trading positions. With leverage, traders can invest less yet trade volumes that exceed the value of his investment. Forex Leverage is expressed as a ratio between 1:1 and 1:400. Most traders use the leverage of 1:100 when they trade forex. This ratio depicts the amount of capital that can control a given amount of volume. A trader with $1000 invested and a leverage of 1:100, can trade up to $100,000 and receive greater returns. If $100,000 increases in value by $1000, investors with a 1:100 leverage will have a 100% return and those with a 1:1 leverage will reap only 1% return on investment.

However, if your leverage is high, you expose yourself to greater risks. In the above example, if there had been a loss of $1000, investors with 1:100 leverage would have had a 100% loss and those with 1:1 leverage would have faced only a 1% loss. Hence, to take decisions regarding leverage and market swings in Forex and harness their full potential, it is wise to enroll in a Forex training program and let Andrade take you under his wing and mentorship.

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