Katia Jundi is a Role Model for Aspiring Models in the Middle East

Katia Jundi

Young aspirants often look to the role models in their lives for inspiration and guidance. How one leads sets a positive example for others to follow. More people, especially women, are in the limelight for inspiring the next generation. For years now, Katia Jundi, has shone out like a beacon of hope. She continues to be someone aspiring models look towards – thanks to her notable flourishing career.

Having spent over two decades in the field of modeling and that of luxury media, Jundi believes in encouraging the youth to pursue a career in whatever field they consider is good, as this makes them value their talents and traits not get suppressed under societal pressures. Back in days, there was reluctance on the part of women to get into the modeling or entertainment industry, especially those who were natives of the Middle East. Due to an overall conservative culture, she shares. However, as someone who had a strong will to follow her passion, Jundi didn’t allow the same reluctance to hold her back. Jundi has worked alongside many famous brands like Mercedes, and Georg Jensen, and several others.

Today, being the face of so many global brands, young and aspiring models, particularly women, seek her mentorship and advice to move ahead in their careers by keeping in mind the journey that led her to become who she is. She further added to this, “When I come across these young and beautiful models, I realize that they are all very bold and courageous. All they need is a push in the right direction.” Katia explained that she aims to emphasize that success is the result of hard work, strength, and focus – not solely because of a pretty face, luck, or granted opportunity.

Jundi leaves no stone unturned to reach out to the young audience on digital platforms by continually creating relevant content. She shares all of her experiences, struggles, setbacks, and opportunities that she encountered. On Instagram alone, she has a massive fanbase who admire her and witness her day-to-day life through the virtual lens. Besides this, through her website, she strives to stay engaged with her fanbase, colleagues, and clients.

Her sole objective remains to be remembered as that successful woman who empowered thousands of other like-minded individuals, regardless of the gender, background, or profession. “It is an honor to help others who need direction, confidence, and inspiration,” explained Katia.

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