The Most Common Uses for a Diabetic Lancet

How does diabetes impact your lifestyle?

Diabetes is a horrible lifestyle disease. It limits its victims to the life activities’ that they can participate in and alters what would be considered a normal life. It is frustrating enough not to be in a position to consume certain foods, and even worse to have to consume medicines your entire life. Unfortunately, these conditions are prevalent among both the young and the old. A while ago, diabetes patients used to dread that time when they have to test their blood sugar level. The normal finger sticks lancets are painful and frustrating to use. Thanks to the new modern PipLancets, diabetes patients can now manage their condition without having to go through the traumatizing experience. In addition to that use, here are other common uses of diabetic lancets. 

  1. Testing for Allergies

Modern lancets have their needles fully concealed. Besides, for testing blood sugar levels for diabetic persons, you can use them also to test for allergies. The lancet is used to prick the skin with a minimal amount of allergen to trigger a small and controlled allergic response. Lancets are ideal for this process since they are painless and do not cause anxiety to the victims as the needle is completely concealed.

  1. To keep children at ease with friendly injections

Unlike finger sticks that are painful and frightening, lancets are very safe and easy to use on children. You can even teach your children to use them when there is a need. The needle is not exposed, makes the lancets safe and easy for children to use.

  1. With Glucose Meters

Pip Lancets are compatible with most, if not all glucose meters. You will not have to incur an extra cost like you would with finger sticks. This explains why lots of people who have to test glucose levels regularly use lancets when their glucose levels are low. 

  1. For self-injections

Another use and advantage of using Pip lancets is that, you will not require any lancing device. All you need is to buy the independent kit of lancets, use them as directed in the manual and dispose of them accordingly. You do not have to worry though, about accidental pricking since they do not have needles sticking out.  

What you need to know when using lancets

Whether you are using lancets for blood sugar testing or allergic testing, you need to use these devices only once. Diabetics are especially prone to infections, hence any pricking devices cannot be used more than once. If re-used, lancets can get blunt and cause infections, and even worse, induce similar pain to that of traditional needles. 

On top of that, you should know that the lancets do expire. As such, you should always check the expiry date before putting them into use. As for the model of the lancets, consider the length of the needle depending on who is using them. For children, get blue pip lancets. These are the smallest and the most comfortable to use on children’s fragile fingertips. You can also use them on adults as they do not cause the pricking pain.


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