Amanda Moddejonge – Veterans Face Many Issues

Amanda Moddejonge and Yuk-Sem Won
Amanda Moddejonge and Yuk-Sem Won

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS 2.0 – I know Yuk-Sem Won cares about veteran’s issues.  We belong to the same Legion.  We’ve talked about the realities that people experience after they complete their service.

Veterans face many issues that get discussed.  I know this first hand because I am a veteran. I was hurt during a training accident.  It doesn’t hurt when we have a Prime Minister that is on record saying that “Because they’re asking for more than we are able to give right now,” when he was asked why he was fighting veterans’ groups in court.  Statements like this never go over well when one considers the price many veterans have paid.

When thinking about the many issues that we do face, if it wasn’t for last week’s announcement that the current government is not paying veteran’s bills to hospitals it would be easy to forget that it is not just the former members of the Canadian Armed Forces that get forgotten about by the government, but the people who care for them as well.  Another glaring example of this is the problems with the Phoenix pay system.

To put this into perspective: Many veteran’s report that they are not receiving the services they should, and they cannot get the care they require to deal with their post-service realities.  While one former government closed offices and reduced workers, another government opened these and somewhat increased the workforce to service this group of citizens.  This is oversimplified- but the back and forth has left many offices understaffed, overloaded case managers with more clients than can be reasonably serviced, does not adequately pay the people responsible for administering government programs and benefits and then doesn’t pay the medical professionals for services they have already provided to our veterans.

The overworked, and underpaid professionals at Veteran’s Affairs are left to deal with these services providers, while still trying to satisfy the needs of their clients, and not being paid properly.  It is hard for any of us to expect our vets to get the service they deserve when the government is forgetting about the workers who make this all happen.

The Green Party of Canada is committed to reforming the support veterans receive in order to ensure they receive the benefits and attention they need to live in dignity after they complete their service to this country.  This is one of the many reasons I support this party.  Many of the other initiatives, including our support for free tuition, will also help more veterans transition from their military service into civilian careers.

Thunder Bay- Rainy River is very close to electing our first female MP.  With one week left to go there is still time to discuss with prospective candidates their party’s plan for supporting our veterans.  Be informed.  Vote with your conscience.  Vote for the kind of government you want.

Amanda Moddejonge
Green Party of Canada Candidate
Thunder Bay-Rainy River

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