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There are many organs of the human body without which it would have been impossible for us as humans to perform day to day activities. An important part of the body which is crucial for day to day functioning is the foot. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t take care of their feet which is why they run into a lot of troubles when they grow old. They say taking care of the feet is difficult. Contrary to what most people think it is pretty easy to have healthy feet with simple steps. In this article, we will guide you through some valuable tips to keep your feet healthy. Keep in mind if you don’t have healthy feet, you won’t be able to walk and run properly.

To stay fit, you must take care of your feet. You will be shocked to know more than 5% of the US population is down with some kind of foot infection. The problem continues to grow despite the government running several awareness campaigns.

“Foot care is overlooked,” says Jeffrey Cowen, a Toronto chiropodist a.k.a. the Foot Guru. The human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and tendons that allow it to move in a variety of ways.

Following is a list of all the tips you must consider to have healthy feet:

  1. Keep your feet clean and dry

A healthy start to keeping your feet healthy is to be concerned with your hygiene. Even if you don’t take a bath every day it is crucial to make sure you wash them just before going to bed. Secondly, when you’re taking a bath you must scrub your feet properly. After you are done with washing them, don’t put on socks or any other stuff. Soak them with a cotton cloth or towel and let them dry. People who are down with fungal infections in the toes often get in trouble because of the moisture which clogs in their feet after bathing. If you ever develop such an infection you must get toenail fungus laser treatment to get rid of the issue fast. Therefore drying the feet after bathing is crucial just as you wipe water from the rest of your body.

  1. Cut toenails properly

Refrain from overgrowing your toenails. Once you think they’ve overgrown, you must cut them straight. Use your nail cutter to trim the toenails. In households where everyone uses each other’s nail cutters often engage in skin infections. However, refrain from cutting nails narrowly otherwise you could potentially be ripping off a major part. Use a good quality nail cutter to cut your nails. Don’t use cheap products on your skin. Secondly, once you get free from trimming your toenails, wash the nail cutter with warm water and put it back in its pack, so it doesn’t get affected with other bacteria.

  1. Cover your feet in a public area

If you are going out in public, you must cover your feet properly. Make sure you wear good quality shoes when you’re going out in a gym or to the university. Offices have a strict dress code in which one has to wear shoes but the rest of the places, people are free to cover or not cover their toes. Keep in mind, there are multiple dirt particles when you go out in public, so it is crucial to cover the feet properly. If you experience any skin rash with socks, you can incorporate cotton socks and wear smart shoes on them. Public places are breeding grounds for fungus which is why it is better to protect yourself.

  1. Head off sweaty feet

Even your feet have sweat glands that have a range of around 0.25 million in evert foot. You must have experienced sweaty feet when you don’t take off the shoes for quite some time. People who have a sweaty foot often have a strong odor emanating from each of the feet. Perspiration is a good environment for bacteria to grow in. Wear cotton socks so they can dry the sweat from your feet. Also, refrain from wearing skinny socks and tight pantyhose. If you can, you must take off your shoes and wipe your feet once during the working hours to get rid of any possible infection.

  1. Wear the right shoes

Always wear shoes which are the right size for you. Many people adhere to the practice of wearing their sibling’s shoes which often don’t fit. If you don’t put your foot in the right size or one which is small, you will very likely cause damage to the tiny fingers of your toes. Many people often develop severe feet pain as a result of tight shoes. Always wear cotton socks and put on shoes that aren’t too tight. If you wear tight shoes, you will get foot swelling the very next day. Secondly, choose a single brand and stick to it. Sometimes the material of the shoes also causes trouble if it isn’t in coherence with your skin type. Also, try to avoid pointy shoes for they can cause damage to the foot fingers.

  1. Check your feet for any problems

The best way to take care of your feet is to take a foot exam yourself. The best time to do this is when you’re taking a bath. If you are skeptical about any possible cramps or scaling between the toes, you must wipe the water on your feet with a towel and carefully examine them. Furthermore, if you experience any discoloration of the nails it is crucial to check with a doctor. People who have diabetes often have swollen feet which is why they have to be extra careful with their feet. Diabetes leads to foot infections very often.

  1. Don’t apply polish on ugly toenails

If your toenails are worsening because of such issue, you must not put nail polish on them. Rather it is important to check with a suitable doctor. Most people don’t even know they have nail fungus and try to hide the ugly nails with different colors. Keep in mind, nail polish is made with a lot of chemicals and can damage the feet to a great extent.

  1. Avoid wearing other people’s shoes

Avoid sharing another person’s shoes if you know the other person has an infected foot. Always wear your shoes and don’t lend your footwear to somebody else. The basic transmission of different diseases starts when we start sharing each other wearing items. Surprisingly many shops offer shoes on rent which are the biggest source of the transmission of different diseases.

  1. Wear breathable footwear

If you wear skinny shoes, your feet will start emanating a very bad smell as a result of perspiration. Always wear shoes that have been made out of leather to allow some air to pass through. If your foot starts to sweat early, you must choose breathable footwear.

  1. Know when to check with a doctor

Don’t try to self-treat yourself if you ever engage in an accident or experience sudden pain. There are many patients who try to help themselves and make things even worse. Many doctors joke about this and acknowledge this problem as bathroom surgery. If you experience any pain, swelling, discoloration which persists it is imperative to go and check with a doctor. Normal problems can be solved with the help of prescription medicine or a minor procedure. However, if you overlook the issue, it could get worse in the future.

  1. Massage your feet every night before bed

Foot massage is very important for the body because it improves the circulation of blood and has many other medical benefits. Secondly, if you want the skin under your feet to remain moist for a longer time you must massage your feet with suitable oil and wear socks before going to bed. The best time for a foot massage is just before going to bed. You can also use Vaseline to soften the thick skin under your feet. Secondly, if you don’t want to use oil or Vaseline you can use skin lotion to do the foot massage. Make sure you massage the toenails well before going to bed.

  1. Walk barefoot on the grass early in the morning

This sounds bizarre but is very healthy for the rest of the body. If you wake up early in the morning and like to go for a walk in the park you must walk barefoot on the grass. There are numerous benefits of walking barefoot on the grass. Experts say it relieves stress and also improves the eyesight of a person. Secondly, medical experts also say it is very good for the feet, and the skin improves considerably. People who are insomniac must walk bare feet on grass because it provides a good night’s sleep. As already mentioned, foot massage also has the power to give a good night’s sleep.


The foot is a very important part of the body that should be taken care of. A lot of people overlook their feet health which is why they suffer in the long run. Athletes and other sports players remain stagnant in the field because they take care of their entire bodies, with the feet included.

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