Federal NDP Nominate Yuk-Sem Won as Thunder Bay – Rainy River Candidate

Yuk Sem Won - NDP Candidate TBRR

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – On Tuesday evening, Yuk-Sem Won will officially be nominated as the NDP’s candidate for Thunder Bay – Rainy River in a virtual nomination meeting. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will attend the virtual meeting to show support for Won as a strong New Democrat voice for the people of northern Ontario as they cope with the high cost of living.

“We’re proud to have Yuk-Sem join the NDP team as the candidate for Thunder Bay – Rainy River,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “Now more than ever, families in northern Ontario need someone fighting for them in Ottawa who actually knows what they’re going through. People are doing everything right but they’re still falling further and further behind.

Justin Trudeau acts like everything is fine because for his ultra-rich, well-connected friends—things are fine! And Pierre Poilievre is going to cut and gut the services that people need in northern Ontario, including rural health care, because that’s always the Conservative plan. Yuk-Sem and every single New Democrat that gets elected is going to fight for things that actually make life better for you and your family—not the ultra-rich and big business on Bay Street.”

Born in Northern Ontario, Won raised her family in the community. As a former public school teacher, labour litigator, and college instructor, Won has spent her life working to make sure everyone in Thunder Bay and the surrounding region has the opportunity to thrive through education and good jobs.

“I understand the challenges people are facing in our communities and I’ll ensure the voices northerners are heard in Ottawa,” said Won. “As a New Democrat, I’m always going to fight to make your life better. We’re going to work to get more help with the high cost of living, deliver more truly affordable housing, make sure the government is investing in good, family sustaining jobs and staunchly defend access to the health care services people rely on.”

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