Ten disadvantages of having a criminal record

Police have made an arrest

PHOENIX – When a person is convicted of a felony, there are multiple things in life he/she has to face. Secondly, it becomes a public record that doesn’t leave the person anytime soon. So if you’re convicted of a criminal offence and got free from the issue, there’s a lot you will have to cater for. Getting convicted under a felony becomes like a stain that doesn’t go away unless washed. The same is the case with a criminal record that has its aftermaths despite getting eradicated. In this article, we will guide you through ten disadvantages of having a criminal record. Keep In mind having a criminal record can have a devastating impact on your life which is why it is crucial to keep away from engaging in any criminal activity. Following are the cons of having a criminal record:

1.      Limited Employment Opportunities

Do you think you will be able to land upon white-collar jobs after having a criminal record? Surely not! When you have a criminal charge in your documents, most organizations will despise hiring you as a full-time employee. It becomes difficult to get good jobs when one gets convicted. Some companies conduct a background check, in the beginning, to see if the prospective employee has a criminal record. Even if you try to hide any past criminal record, the company will find it during research. Therefore you must remain upright during the interview. However, the rejection in a company is dependent upon the intensity of the crime you’ve committed. So if you were convicted because of using a fake ID, the company might forgive that however if you were convicted under a serious felony of homicide or rape, you would never be welcomed by the company.

2.      May limit your travel

You will be intriguing to know if you’re convicted of using a fake ID in Canada, the state won’t allow you to enter again unless you haven’t applied for a national pardon. Many countries require visitors to have no criminal record. When applying for a travel visa, you will surely be asked if you have any past criminal record. Particularly if you were convicted under having an alleged involvement in drugs or marijuana, you might be dispelled at that very moment. Interestingly your criminal record will affect your travel experience within the same country. The US is a big country and has many states and each of those states have different laws regarding the entrance of different visitors and even the natives.

3.      Loss of the right to vote

This is the worst possible thing that can happen to anyone as a citizen of the country. As a citizen, it is the right of every person to vote for their future president as soon as they reach the legal age to do so. Having a criminal record means you might be deprived of this right too. Persons who are conceited under felony, lose their right to vote in federal elections. Some states do lift a ban on such people, but most of them cancel the right to vote as soon as a person has something serious on their heads. You will be shocked to know, more than 5.3 million Americans don’t have the right to vote because of the criminal records they have on their heads.

4.      Difficulty in obtaining the loan

Once you apply for a loan, the bank will conduct a background check to see if you do stand a chance to qualify for the loan. With a criminal charge in your documents, you won’t be able to apply for a loan from any national bank. Lending institutions always take into account the character of the person who is willing to apply for a loan. If they have the least bit of skepticism in their minds, they won’t issue a loan to such a person. To get the loan amount you must ensure the bank about your willingness to pay back. As a criminal, you won’t stand any chance of getting a loan. Furthermore, the bank might also notify other institutions in the state, hence making it difficult for you to apply for short term loan or mortgage.

5.      Denial of admission in a college or university

This is perhaps another worse benefit of having a criminal record. Youngsters who have a criminal charge in their documents often end up getting admission to college or university rejected. Most young people are often accused of carrying a fake ID which ruins their academic career. Furthermore, top-notch educational institutions conduct a background check on applicants and have tough criteria for entrance. So if you even have a minor charge on your head, you won’t be able to get admission in well-reputed college and universities. However, if you apply for courses online, you will be able to get admission to plenty of colleges and universities.

6.      It will be difficult to find an apartment on rent

In this day and age, it is crucial for most natives to make sure they’re recruiting the right people as tenants. With terrorism and criminal activities skyrocketing every day, it becomes crucial to check a person’s criminal history. So if you’re from New York and want to study in Ohio, you won’t be able to rent a flat in that city. Homeowners look for people who have a clean background and do not seem to pose a threat in the future. So even if you have changed and learned from your mistakes, this side effect won’t go away anytime soon. Many people with criminal charge have a very difficult time in getting rid of such issues.

7.      Deteriorating relationships and social life

Something that hurts the most as a person after getting convicted is the loss of loved ones and family friends. Keep in mind, the moment you’re convicted under a felony, you will be ostracized by the community and many people will start looking down upon you. Even the closest family members will refrain from helping you. We live in a hypocritical world where people are obsessed with doing everything they want, even be it a criminal offence but suddenly start leaving their close ones as soon as they get in trouble. So don’t expect anyone to come and rescue you in time. Most couples start developing distance as soon as one of the partners is found engaged in criminal activity.

8.      Restriction on owning firearms

Most states have a law which allows people to have their personalized weapons. However, you need to produce a valid reason to house such things. A person who is convicted under a felony will have to wait for five years to reclaim the arms he/she had back then. Furthermore, if you are found owning firearms you might be charged with unlawful possession by the court. You will be surprised to know in the Texas law; locals are allowed to have firearms in their houses only. This means residents of that place cannot carry arms elsewhere.

9.      Adoption

If you want to be a single parent or even adopt a child as a couple, but have a criminal record, you will not be able to do so. Adoption is a hefty procedure which tests the character of a person as well. Therefore you need to have a clean chit in your documents to approve of adopting a kid. If you are charged with a minor crime, you might be forgiven, but if you have a criminal history which is extensive, you won’t be liable to go forward for the procedure by the senior authorities. Adoption is a legal proceeding which takes a lot of time. Therefore you will get a cut on this privilege too.

10.  Insurance

Most mainstream insurance companies discriminate against people when it comes to checking their criminal history. Even if the case does relate much with the policy being offered, the insurance company is much likely to reject you as an applicant. However, if you apply for a home insurance policy, you must prove all the facts and figures provided to the company. Insurance companies have their concerns which is why it becomes imperative to make sure everything is done the right way. If the company has not been informed about any possible changes in the address, your policy might be cancelled that very same moment.

What to do in case of a criminal charge?

If you are convicted under a criminal charge, you must hire a suitable attorney before the word goes out. You need to register for the bail otherwise you might get sacked from a job after having not attended the office for days. For example, if you are from Arizona State you can search Phoenix DUI lawyer to get rid of the criminal charge if you have been convicted with drinking under the influence. Similarly, every criminal charge has a lawyer. The only thing that matters is how you handle the matter.

Refrain from engaging in criminal activities for they always cause a lot of trouble. Having a criminal charge in your documents will cut down many opportunities for you within your states. Even if you overlook a small criminal offence as one which you can easily get away with, don’t fool yourself for that could get you behind bars anytime.

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