Letter: Blue Skies Ahead for Thunder Bay – Superior North

Frank Pullia
Frank Pullia

THUNDER BAY – LETTERS – I received an invitation to attend the announcement of the Conservative Party of Canada’s candidate for my region of Thunder Bay-Superior North in the Galileo room at the Italian Cultural Centre.  The event was to start at 7:00 p.m. I arrived around 6:45 p.m. and I was greeted at the entrance by two young professional looking men dressed in suits, and the room was already over half full.

When the President of the Thunder Bay-Superior North electoral district association, John Bell, announced Frank Pullia as the candidate, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.  A near full house of not only card-carrying Conservatives but other community citizens who supported other parties were in attendance to cheer Pullia’s acceptance to represent the community at the national level.  Pullia’s three terms on council, his love for our community, his results and his ability to represent every citizen across party lines was extremely evident over the evening.

As the audience listened, Pullia stated; “I believe that there is a lot more required of a Member of Parliament than just experience and good relations.  I am focused on creating an environment where we can realize the vision to make the Thunder Bay-Superior North district a region we can all be proud to call home.  We can live within our means to find internal savings and use the resources where they are needed the most like we have done at the city level with an extra ambulance, seven additional paramedics and a mini-lift bus for those with mobility issues,” and many more.

Transparency for citizens was promised and they will be able to see tangible benchmarks and performance indicators throughout the regions’ progress.  “We will identify the gaps, be clear about the needs and prioritize the solutions.” On social and affordable housing issues, he will work with community partners on how to best use our current resources for a common goal and identify needs now and those for the future. This information will be readily available to the public because it is not the MP’s goals, not the party’s goals, but the residents’ goals.

Pullia brings guiding principles of accountability, transparency, fiscal, social and environmental responsibility to the position.  “Once we put a plan in place, we will do what we say, we will be an open and inclusive government, and we will build a community for everyone. Thunder Bay-Superior North region has huge potential that needs clear leadership to use innovation and a “smart community” approach to build on our strengths.

It was apparent to everyone listening to Pullia discuss his vision and love for the region that he clearly believes, together, we can turn our challenges into opportunities creating great prosperity for everyone.  After he thanked everyone for attending, he received another standing ovation from the crowd. With that, the evening was not over.  Many in the crowd stayed to mingle with others they recognized to discuss how the Conservatives have a solid candidate that any resident could put their vote behind, regardless of their party affiliation.

A blue wave is moving across Canada and apparent to me is that the chances of Thunder Bay-Superior North electoral district residents electing a Conservative MP is almost certain because Frank Pullia stepped forward to put his name on the ballot in this fall’s 2019 Federal Election.  Fall has always been my most favourite time of the year, no bugs, moderate temperatures and beautiful colours in nature, but this fall is looking to be the best fall every here in Thunder Bay!

Louise Ewen

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