Climate Danger Ahead – Dr. Diane Saxe

Climate and Environment


THUNDER BAY – Dr. Diane Saxe the former Ontario Environment Commissioner spoke tonight at Lakehead University as a part of the Environment North AGM.

Ontario according to Dr. Saxe was making solid progress toward greening our environment, and she was hopeful for added progress. Instead in March, she was told that her position was no longer needed as the Ontario government closed the office and put the responsibilities under the office of the ombudsman.

NetNewsLedger recorded the talk and share it here letting you listen for yourself and hear Dr. Saxe’s commentary.

The audience was told that in Ontario, the area where the biggest difference in reducing our impact on the environment is to be had is from individuals. For industry, a great deal of the energy used cannot be found from other sources.

Dr. Saxe says that for our planet, we have ignored many of the critical deadlines, but there is still hope. However, we have to act now.