Election 360 – National Campaign Update – Week Seven

Election 360

Election 360

THUNDER BAY – ELECTION 360 – There is one month to go for until voting day. The election campaign is likely to start really heating up over the next weeks.

The Conservative Party is holding a very slim lead in the latest Nanos Polling. The tracking by Nanos has the Conservatives at 30.8%, the Liberals at 30.3%, the NDP at 29.1%, and the Greens at 5.1% nationally.

Accessible voters – Asked a series of questions as to whether they would consider or not consider voting for each of the federal parties, 49.0% of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, 45.5% would consider voting NDP, 39.0% would consider voting Conservative, 24.0% would consider voting Green and 26.3% of Quebecers would consider voting for the BQ.

As the campaign continues, watch for more Election 360 Coverage on NNL.

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