Chiefs of Ontario Congratulates Abram Benedict, Elected to the Office of the Ontario Regional Chief

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The Chiefs of Ontario offers our sincere congratulations following the Chiefs-in-Assembly’s election of Abram Benedict to the Office of the Ontario Regional Chief during the 49th Annual Chiefs Assembly, hosted by Six Nations of the Grand River and the Chiefs of Ontario:

Today, Abram Benedict was elected to the Office of the Ontario Regional Chief with fifty (50) votes, after four (4) rounds of voting were conducted on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. Abram Benedict previously served as Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.

Five (5) candidates ran for the position of Ontario Regional Chief (ORC), with 98 electors present to vote via traditional stand-up electoral processes. Abram Benedict ran for Ontario Regional Chief on a platform rooted in the importance of building relationships with the federal and provincial governments while advocating for First Nations sovereignty.

“It is of the greatest pleasure to be elected Ontario Regional Chief,” said newly elected ORC Abram Benedict. “I thank everyone for their support as I transition into the role and look forward to continuing the good work on numerous key First Nations’ priorities. I look forward to serving each of the 133 Chiefs in the region as we work together to ensure that our Nations not only survive but thrive as well.”

“We have much work to do, and I plan to embrace the Chiefs of Ontario office as we move forward in our advocacy efforts with the governments of Ontario and Canada. Advocacy is an extremely important piece as we move forward on our key initiatives, such as the carbon tax, Bill C-53, climate adaptation, response and prevention. While the conversations will certainly not be easy ones, I will ensure that First Nations voices and stories are heard in Queen’s Park and on Parliament Hill.”

Following the final election results, Ontario Regional Chief Elect Abram Benedict participated in the traditional Pipe and Blanket Ceremony and Oath of Office for the Regional Chief, led by Chief Electoral Officer Gordon “Chop” Waindubence and Oshkabewis to the Election Officer Gary Dokis, to officially assume the position of Ontario Regional Chief.

The Chiefs of Ontario would like to thank the following sponsors for participating in this year’s 49th Annual Chiefs Assembly: First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB), Olthuis Kleer Townshend (OKT) LLP, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), LIFE Benefit Solutions, TACC Developments, First Nations Power Authority, and TIPI Group of Companies.

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