Election 360 – Week Four Local and Regional

Parliament of Canada

THUNDER BAY – ELECTION 360 –Election 2015 is heating up across Northwestern Ontario. Campaign offices are open, candidates are out talking to voters, and working with their campaigns to get the word out and to reach out to supporters.

The local races in Thunder Bay Superior North, Thunder Bay Rainy River, Kenora, and across the north represent ridings that are large in geographic size, and in some ways sparse in terms of population. An easy way to provide a contrast is that for some ridings, in downtown Toronto, a candidate could in effect walk the entire riding in less than a day, while in Northern Ontario there are ridings that geographically are as large as many European countries like Germany, France or Italy.

The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce will host a public debate for the Thunder Bay Superior North and Thunder Bay Rainy River ridings on September 23rd, 2015. This debate will be in conjunction with the Prosperity Northwest conference and the very popular After Business gathering the TBCC holds.

NetNewsLedger will provide live coverage of that debate.